What do you do when you don’t want unwanted guest or visitors or solicitations to your home or business?  You put up signs.  Signs such as, “No Trespassing,” or “No Admittance,” or “No Solicitations.”  And to make the full meaning of our request clear, we often times add, “VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED!” 
That leaves it unmistakably clear that we will not tolerated your unwanted visits, you are not welcome here. 

One day, my children, some other neighborhood children and myself were passing our literature for our church’s summer lunch and camp program, when I turned my head for just a second to deal with another issue, one of the children mistakenly put a flyer on one of the houses that was clearly marked with those signs, No Trespassing and No Soliciation.”  Just as soon as they walked down the stairs, the front door flew open and an angry hand unceremoniously reached out and snatched the flyer down and the surely resident begin to spew profanities and name calling at the child.  The child came running into my arms for safety and protection.  I began to apologize and to the irrate resident and let them know that the name calling was unecessary, while trying to explain to them that the child did not know any better and try to counsol the child all at the same time.  That did not help the situation at all, so I calmly led the children on down the street to our next destination.  However, I had to explain to them what the signs meant and why someone would put up such a sign on their property when all they wanted to do was share their good news.  They understood the sign, but still did not understand why the person had to be so mean and angry. 

But guess what, I understand, now, but for a different reason. 

It is time for us to put up “NO TRESPASSING” signs to every imp and demon.  Every devil and unclean spirit.  It is time for us to stop cowing down, stop backing up, stop running, and stop hiding.  It is time for us to take a stand.  We are  at war.  You can site there and chose not to believe it if you want to.  But Battle by battle and with the power of God, we MUST take back EVERYTHING the enemy has stolen from us.  Our familes, our homes, our children, our peace, our finances.  EVERYTHING!  We decree and delcare by the power and authority of Jesus Christ of Nazereth, the true and Living Word of God, that NO weapon that is formed against you/us shall prosper; and EVERY TONGUE that shall rise against thee/us in judgment thou/we shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD. Isaiah 54:17. 

The enemy CANNOT have our children, husbands, wives, families.  He CANNOT reside in our homes.  He CANNOT mess with our minds or our finances or our health.  It is time for us to stop giving cute little whitty names to these demons like, cancer, diabtes, bi-polar, ADHD and everything else, and begin to call them what they are; demon spirits.  It is time to put up some “NO TRESPASSING SIGNS,” some “VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED”  Signs.  And when the enemy comes at is, its time for us to point to the sign in our yard; “NO TRESPASSING” because you are not welcome here.  The world NEEDS us, and we CANNOT take this world for Christ or be the seasoning agent or the salt in this world if we don’t know who we are.  It is time for us to take a stand, and know that God has blessed this land, to take back what the devils taken and shake this world like it’s not been shaken.  Put the signs back up.

Now, tell us what YOU have to say.


"A Fight With The devil"

I had a fight with the devil one night,
When he woke me up to taunt me.
He came in my room just as bold as day
and with him he brought things to haunt me.

He told me that I was’nt what I had thought,
and that no one really loved me.
Said, “I’ll open your eyes and then you will see
That all that you’ve done is for naught.”

He said your a failure, a loser, disappointment,
and you’ll never be a success.
That the love, the pouring and planting you’ve done,
meant nothing and yes, was useless.

He condemned me and brought me right to the place
Where I thought that surely I’d break,
He baggered, and hounded, with all my past deeds
Then told me that I was fake.

I sat on the floor tears streaming on down my face,
as I listened to him on that night,
And for just one little second as I sat in the dark,
I thought, that perhaps he was right.

But then in the darkness there came a bright light,
and it lit all the room where I was,
And suddenly out of the dark of that night,
I thought I heard Heavens Applause.

Suddenly I heard a great voice speak to me,
Just as strong and gentle and clear,
And He let me to know with out a swadow of doubt,
That “I Love You My Child, And I’m Here.”

“Did I Not Say I’d Never Leave Nor Forsake You,
That I’d Be With You Until The End?
And That Even In Death I Would Bear You Up,
And That I Would Be Your Closets Friend?

I Have Called And Ordained You For A Time Such As This,
Though The Road Ahead May Be Frightening,
I’ve Equipped You and Kept You, Put My Spirit Within You,
Wiped Out EVERYTHING That Was Blighting.

“Get Up Now, My Child, Wipe The Tears From Your Eyes,
And Block Out All Other Voices,
For Mine Is The Only Voice You Should Hear,
I’am The FIRST Of ALL Of Your Choices.

I begin to praise God in my small little room
And when I pulled myself together,
A thought came to me and it became crystal clear
I HAD listened to voice of the other.

Then I became angry, quite angry I’ll tell you
I was mad with the devil for certain,
How dare you bring condemnation, guilt and self blame,
Drove the knife when you thought I was hurtin.

You filthy, thieving, no good snake,
You’re a fraud and a phony and a liar.
Get out of my rooom, my house and my life,
Cause your home will soon be hell’s fire.

I rebuked and cast down everything I could think of
when I was done I’d left nothing to chance.
Every demon and imp and contrary spirit,
Felt such joy that I jumped up and danced.

So I say to you all even though you may be
In the fight of your life with the devil,
Just stand and proclaim, lift up you hands in Christ’ name,
For we do serve a God who is able.

Written by,
Arlivia E. Siggers

"After You’ve Done All You Can"

Pastor Donnie McClurkin made a song some years ago called, “Stand.”  And here are some of the words to that awesome and incredible song.

What do you do.
When you’ve done all you can, and it seems like it’s never enough.
And what do you say when your friends turn away, and you’re all alone.
Tell me what do you give,
When you’ve given your all and it seems like you can’t make it through,
Well you just stand, when there’s nothing else to do,
You just stand, watch the Lord see you through,
Yes after you’ve done all you can, you just stand.

These words resonate in our hearts all to often, and all too true.  We try to help people, thinking that we are making some headway.  We take on the responsibility of their spiritual and natural care, even going as far as to help them pay some of their bills, providing meals and transportation, a home, even employing them, thinking that “If only I could do more or pray hard enough just to reach them, then surely I can make an impact in their lives, and change their lives forever. I can make a difference.”  Only to find out after you’ve poured yourself in, that perhaps you were’nt as necessary and important to their overall wellbeing as you had hoped or expected.  You were just, convenient.  Then you begin to feel just a little bit used and angry because you have poured your very heart and soul out into that person.  You’ve fasted and prayed and sought the Lord on their behalf, and shared the saving truth of God’s word with them every oportunity that you got, even stayed up with them countless nights and helped them as they fought one demon or another, and yet nothing seems to have worked. They should be growing and increasing.  They should be a lot further along than they are right now, but their not.  They just seem to be moving further and further away from the truth.  So, what do you do now? 

You just stand.

Stand on what you know is true, honest, just, pure, Holy and right; stand on the Word of God.  He alone can keep you from falling or stumbling because of the inconveniences we MUST endure for the sake of the call.  He alone can rise us up above ourselves and our feelings of hurt, that we really should not be having anyway if it was truly God that instructed us to help in the first place.  We must continue to be strong, and stop beating ourselves up because we think we failed.  We did our jobs.  We planted, or watered, or poured in, or nurtured, but it is only God who can and will give the increase.  So whether it be a family member, a child, friend, a boss, a co-worker, a leader, or a stranger on the street, as Pastor Donnie McClurkin said, after you’ve done all you can, you just stand.

Now, tell us what you think, or, how you’ve had to stand.

"The Grace Factor"

I was listening to WCRF this morning, and a really interesting question came up that brought one of those moments that make you go “Hmmm.”  It was this.  Is God more tolerant than He used to be back in the days if old?  Has He mellowed out throughout the centuries? Is He too linient in allowing us to get away with our dirt, disobedience and sin for so long before He judges?  Have we, in our blessed freedoms, begun to take the graces of God for granted?  In the days of old He called forth a flood, sent down fire from heaven, and opened up the ground and swallowed people up for sinning or disobeying His word.  Then, when you sinned against God and he judged you, He took you out for your sin and disobediance to His law.  But He not only took YOU out, but He took EVERYTHING you owned.  Your wife, your kids, the people that served you, your dog, your cat, EVERYTHING.  Wow!!!  Because He was serious about what He said.  He didn’t play with His law and He didn’t play with His word, because His law WAS His word, and His word was law.  He meant it. And then, we didn’t even have the option of getting angry at God, because His judgement was immediate, swift and sure. 

In the days of old people were literally afraid to sin or disobey God.  They were afraid of God with fear and trembling, but it was a Holy reverental fear.  A fear that caused them to want to do right.  Why then do we feel like it’s safer to sin now or disobey Gods word or laws or commandments now, than it was back then?  Why do we find it easier to step outside of the will of God now than it was then? 

According to Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ, who is in fact God, is the same yesterday, today and for ever.  And in Malachi 3:6 He said, “I’am the Lord, I change not.” 
God has not changed.  He CAN NOT change.  He is God.  His holiness has not changed.  His standards have not changed.  Why then are we not judged the same way, with a blast from His nostrils and a wave of His mighty hand?

Now, let us know what you think.