“And Justice For All (who can afford it)!”

Lets just begin this post by saying, “WOW!”  Why?  Because I was watching CNN this morning and the case in the news where a  drunken Texas 16-year-old driver caused the crash that killed 4 people, including the a mother and her daughter, the young woman who they had stopped to assist in changing her tire, and a youth pastor, whose wife not long ago had a little baby.  This young man received 10 years probation, with the possibility of jail time if he violates his parole.  Lets try that beginning again shall we? “WOW!”  It was found out through investigations that this 16-year-old young man whose blood alcohol level was .24, which by the way is 3 times the legal limit in Texas, had first been observed with some friends stealing beer from the Wal-Mart store.  Then they had gone to a party where they continued their drinking binge.  Later taking off from the party at a high rate of speed, where he then apparently lost control of his vehicle, collided with these good Samaritans and the young woman they were helping on the side of the road, and he lived, but they all died.   Now, of course he was arrested, and he was charged with 4 counts of intoxication, given a ten-year probation, ordered to go to alcohol Rehab, that of which his parents MUST agree to pay for the half a million dollars in treatment for his undoubtedly torturous stay at this posh, luxurious and elegant rehabilitation center.  Really, you have got to see this place.  I WOULD LIVE THERE!  BUT, if he violates his parole then he could possibly serve some jail time.  Hmmm.  And here is the biggest part of this farce folks.  The psychologist on the case testified under oath,  that he believes that the reason this young man is not guilty, and therefore should not serve any jail time is because he is the VICTIM of AFFLUENZA.  ARE YOU REALLY SERIOUS?  DO YOU KNOW WHAT AFFLUENZA MEANS?  I know it sounds like some sort of contagious disease, but it is really the derivative of the word “Affluent,” which quite simply means, rich.  wealthy.  prosperous.  comfortable.  Well off.  Well to do.  You know, Rich.  But what it really means is that his parents are so wealthy, have so much money, and have raised him in such a lavish and privileged lifestyle that he does not understand that there are consequences to his actions, because he has not been taught this, and of course, it was an oversight on their part.  The psychologist said it, so the defense attorney ran with it, the judge believed it, and guess what?  It worked.  CAN YOU REALLY BELIEVE THIS?  I haven’t seen washing this clean since I mistakenly poured a half a bottle of Clorox bleach in my white clothes some years ago.  Of course they had holes in them, but they were definitely clean.

I promise you this , that if that had been lets just say, “SOMEONE ELSE,” quote, unquote, that they would right now be spending the rest of their natural lives, or a good portion thereof, in prison.  Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200 dollars, just go directly to jail.  Little orange jump suite and all.   SOMEWHERE I’m sure that there is SOMETHING that says “With Liberty and Justice for All.”  Someone please refresh my memory.  Well, they certainly got the “Liberty” part right.  That is of course, if you have enough money.   But where is the justice for that wife and that new baby?  That mother and that father? That husband and father, that after 25 grueling weeks had to sit and listen and look at smug faces, while this sentence of “NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF AFFLUENZA” was passed down.  Because of course, he didn’t know what he was doing, they said.  This just allows us to see even further, that contrary to popular belief, there IS disparity between people.  Between having wealth and being poor. Between The haves and the have not’s, so to speak.  And it also once again proves definitively, that if you have enough money, you can buy your way out of ANYTHING!  And even more importantly, that justice is DEFINITELY NOT blind;  but that she indeed sees quite well, exactly what she wants to see.

Now, tell us what YOU think,


“The Greatest Love of All”

There is a song sang by the late great Whitney Houston that says, “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.”  Although that is by far one of the most beautiful songs that I have ever heard, I must beg to differ with it.  Allow me to state my case.  I mean since we are in the Holiday Season and all.  And yes, it is time to trim the tree.  Time for mistletoe and holly.   Time for peace on earth, good will toward man.  But even considering all that, I place before you, a world gone mad.  A world that by all means and purposes seems to be turning completely upside down, ready to implode on itself.  To self destruct.  And even in this the most blessed and Holy seasons, it sometimes seems to be impossible to find as much as a hint of rationality, stability or sound judgment in this world.  Not to mention any of those other wonderful fruits that the Lord God happened to talk about in the times of yore.  You know, the ones like love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, meekness, longsuffering, gentleness, faith, temperance, against any of these there is no law.  Let me give you a few examples or present to you exhibit A, as to how far we have fallen off track all around the world everyday, but it seems to be more prevalent during the Holiday season and especially on “Black Friday.” (And this is taken from 98.7 WFGR Radio Station Website).

In New Jersey: A woman was arrested for spitting on anther shopper and her children.  Why?  Los Angeles: 20 customers (including kids) suffered injuries after being pepper sprayed by a fellow shopper. Police say she used the spray to get a better shot at a discounted Xbox.  In San Landro, CA: A shopper was shot after fighting two armed men who were out to steal his purchases.  Upstate New York: Two women were arrested after fist fighting in the electronics department.  In Kinston, NC: Cellphones marked from $200 to $35 caused fists to fly between customers — security had to use pepper spray to regain order.  Right here in west Michigan – Muskegon:  A teen was treated for injuries after being trampled repeatedly by customers rushing to the electronics department.  In Phoenix, AZ: A grandfather who put a video game in his waistband to lift his grandson above a rowdy crowd for safety was thrown to the ground by police.  And Wal-Mart stores in Woodland Park, CO, Neosho, MO, and Bentonville, Ark, all received bomb threats.  Really people? For something that they are going to play with for 5 to 10 days then toss to the side?

Someone, please tell me, what happened to the good old days, the simpler days.  The days when you could pick a pine cone up off of the ground, paint it a pretty color, stick a bow on it, some glitter or some other decoration, present it as a gift from the heart,  and that gift be received with genuine joy and appreciation.  Or when someone would crochet an afghan, a hat and scarf set or some mittens, or cross stitch a table clothe or pillow cases and the recipient have more joy and awe and appreciation for that gift than ANYTHING you could have possibly purchased out of a store.  We’ve got it all twisted folks.  This is NOT the way it was originally meant to be.  In St. John 3:16 it says that, “God so loved the world that He GAVE His ONLY begotten son, that WHOSOEVER believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  The part I want you to really pay attention to is, For God so loved the world, that He GAVE…….. THAT, was the greatest love of all.  He gave all that was dear to Him, all that He had, so that we, who fight in Wal-Mart over some trivial electronic gadget.  And we who spit on people.  And we who pepper spray people and yes, even we who send bomb threats to Wal-Mart for no apparent reason, can have the chance to have everlasting life once we believe on Him.  That’s not a small thing, because I don’t know any person who would sacrifice not one, not even the worst of their children, for someone else.  I know I wouldn’t.  But He did, just for you.  Just for us.  Think about it.  So during this Blessed Holiday Season, while we are acting like some primitive, uncivilized, unrefined, unregenerate, Philistines that came out of a cave or slide from underneath a rock, stop.  And think.  Seriously. Is this what our God sacrificed all for?

Now, tell us what YOU think,