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I Often sit and contemplate many questions and issues that arise in our society today. Many times I write letters to just about everyone, so that my voice can be heard. But often times it’s still not. Who really listens. Who really cares. It ends up in a trash pile of bureaucratic red tape. I listen to a lot of people who are totally frustrated about world and society events. They feel like nothing will ever change. Well I decided that enough is enough. You can voice your opinion and be heard. We may not change the world but we WILL be heard. The questions may have been asked already, but you were not heard. The answers may seem obvious but are not because you were not heard. So as we discuss them, as we contemplate them, as we evaluate and analyze them, and we ultimately pass judgement on them, we will have come to one common consensus; that is, your voice has been heard. Right or wrong. So, this page is to allow you to openly voice your opinion. We will hear your opinion, and we will respect you for it. So, Make your comment, Keep it clean, and try not to be unkind, as those comments will not be accepted on this page.
Welcome, to “Words That Last A Lifetime.”

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