"A Fight With The devil"

I had a fight with the devil one night,
When he woke me up to taunt me.
He came in my room just as bold as day
and with him he brought things to haunt me.

He told me that I was’nt what I had thought,
and that no one really loved me.
Said, “I’ll open your eyes and then you will see
That all that you’ve done is for naught.”

He said your a failure, a loser, disappointment,
and you’ll never be a success.
That the love, the pouring and planting you’ve done,
meant nothing and yes, was useless.

He condemned me and brought me right to the place
Where I thought that surely I’d break,
He baggered, and hounded, with all my past deeds
Then told me that I was fake.

I sat on the floor tears streaming on down my face,
as I listened to him on that night,
And for just one little second as I sat in the dark,
I thought, that perhaps he was right.

But then in the darkness there came a bright light,
and it lit all the room where I was,
And suddenly out of the dark of that night,
I thought I heard Heavens Applause.

Suddenly I heard a great voice speak to me,
Just as strong and gentle and clear,
And He let me to know with out a swadow of doubt,
That “I Love You My Child, And I’m Here.”

“Did I Not Say I’d Never Leave Nor Forsake You,
That I’d Be With You Until The End?
And That Even In Death I Would Bear You Up,
And That I Would Be Your Closets Friend?

I Have Called And Ordained You For A Time Such As This,
Though The Road Ahead May Be Frightening,
I’ve Equipped You and Kept You, Put My Spirit Within You,
Wiped Out EVERYTHING That Was Blighting.

“Get Up Now, My Child, Wipe The Tears From Your Eyes,
And Block Out All Other Voices,
For Mine Is The Only Voice You Should Hear,
I’am The FIRST Of ALL Of Your Choices.

I begin to praise God in my small little room
And when I pulled myself together,
A thought came to me and it became crystal clear
I HAD listened to voice of the other.

Then I became angry, quite angry I’ll tell you
I was mad with the devil for certain,
How dare you bring condemnation, guilt and self blame,
Drove the knife when you thought I was hurtin.

You filthy, thieving, no good snake,
You’re a fraud and a phony and a liar.
Get out of my rooom, my house and my life,
Cause your home will soon be hell’s fire.

I rebuked and cast down everything I could think of
when I was done I’d left nothing to chance.
Every demon and imp and contrary spirit,
Felt such joy that I jumped up and danced.

So I say to you all even though you may be
In the fight of your life with the devil,
Just stand and proclaim, lift up you hands in Christ’ name,
For we do serve a God who is able.

Written by,
Arlivia E. Siggers


4 thoughts on “"A Fight With The devil"

  1. The word of God is called The sword of faith because it cuts into the meat of a matter like a knife. The word will expose you, whip you up real good and then love on you all in the same day. When we read it for our defense against the devil, God promised that he would bring it back to our rememberance. It was the only conversation that Jesus used against the devil. We need to get back in the word. The only recourse that we have against the devil is the Word of God. Jesus had to use it in order to get out of a fix, and so do we.The word teaches us satans tactics and shows us how to defeat him. He boasts that he comes to steal, kill and to destroy. He does not play by the rules and he does hit below the belt. But we should not be surprised because after all he is the devil. Get in the word and it will help us stand against the wiles of the devil. Eph 6:11 Vonnie G.

  2. As i read this poem, it sounded so much like how i was feeling. A woman who is desperately trying to turn herr life around, people continue to badger her, bring up her past, and cast her down. That woman is me, with tears in my eyes, i lift up my hands and say "Lord, here i am, i surrender my life, my all to you, right now today. Have your way" . In Jesus name.

  3. I think that happens to everyone at times when you are going through and it seems as if everything is against you and that everyone is to busy to care. I'm glad to know that I have a Savior who loves me and calls me his friend. To know that I'm joint heirs with Christ and that he never fails. I have to remind myself that the devil is already defeated and that I am victorious in Christ. His word doesn't fail or return void. I have to stand on his word no matter what the circumstances or how I may feel. We're blessed to be a blessing, we love because Christ first loved us. So the devil is not an issue.

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