It has been quite some time since I last blogged.  But today I felt strongly compelled to share this thought that has been in my spirit with you.  Where we are right now is in a lull; an intermission; the time and space between events; such as, the joyous celebration of Christmas, and the impending entrance of the New year.  That space and time, is a hallway; a passage way; a gateway; an interval; a break, or a pause; a place between the old and the new; a p!ace between the here and the there; a place of decision.

It is a great place for some, but it is a tough place, a difficult place, a sad place, for others.  Because, it is in that place that we must release the old, and accept the new.  Not just the old year, but old things, old thought processes, old habits, old debt, old everything.  Unproductive, unregenerated, unprofitable ways.  Many of us become disheartened, depressed, even sad and low in spirit during this time, because we feel as though we are losing something irreplaceable, sort of like an old friend; and we are not willing to accept the changes, the shift that is inevitably coming.  But we prefer to just stand there, in the hallway, in the valley of decision or indecison, and just ponder; reminiscing, about the way things were; the way things used to be; refusing to let the past go, and to leave it behind.

But we can not hide or take refuge in the shadows of the past. And if we don’t walk into this gateway, through this lull, and step out of the hallway to the other side, coming into that new place, that new year, we will just remain there, stuck, in the place of indecision; stranded in the hallway by our own inability to simply, let go.

A resolution, or New Year’s resolutions, as we so nonchalantly refer to them, is simply a decision to change.  To do something, or NOT to do something.  To behave or NOT to behave in a certain manner. It is being resolved to change, or to make better.  To be purposeful and firm in a decision, thought, or action.

And so, as we stand here, on the cusp and brink of a New Year, let us not be afraid to make those unbendable, unwavering decisions of positive change and unshakable resolute action. Let us not be fearful to step OUT of the hallway, into the light of the other side.  But let us walk boldly, and face these new  challenges purposefully, intentionally and with firm resolution that WE WILL NOT be defeated by the ghost of our past, but we will walk into this fresh new place, with grace, dignity, and authority; and we will not just pursue our future, our destiny, but we will go after it head on, and chase it down, and apprehend it, and NOT let it go, until we have begun to walk in it, and have irrefutably established it as our very own. Now THAT is how you send the old year out, and THAT is how you begin a Happy New Year!

Now, tell me what YOU think.