"The Grace Factor"

I was listening to WCRF this morning, and a really interesting question came up that brought one of those moments that make you go “Hmmm.”  It was this.  Is God more tolerant than He used to be back in the days if old?  Has He mellowed out throughout the centuries? Is He too linient in allowing us to get away with our dirt, disobedience and sin for so long before He judges?  Have we, in our blessed freedoms, begun to take the graces of God for granted?  In the days of old He called forth a flood, sent down fire from heaven, and opened up the ground and swallowed people up for sinning or disobeying His word.  Then, when you sinned against God and he judged you, He took you out for your sin and disobediance to His law.  But He not only took YOU out, but He took EVERYTHING you owned.  Your wife, your kids, the people that served you, your dog, your cat, EVERYTHING.  Wow!!!  Because He was serious about what He said.  He didn’t play with His law and He didn’t play with His word, because His law WAS His word, and His word was law.  He meant it. And then, we didn’t even have the option of getting angry at God, because His judgement was immediate, swift and sure. 

In the days of old people were literally afraid to sin or disobey God.  They were afraid of God with fear and trembling, but it was a Holy reverental fear.  A fear that caused them to want to do right.  Why then do we feel like it’s safer to sin now or disobey Gods word or laws or commandments now, than it was back then?  Why do we find it easier to step outside of the will of God now than it was then? 

According to Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ, who is in fact God, is the same yesterday, today and for ever.  And in Malachi 3:6 He said, “I’am the Lord, I change not.” 
God has not changed.  He CAN NOT change.  He is God.  His holiness has not changed.  His standards have not changed.  Why then are we not judged the same way, with a blast from His nostrils and a wave of His mighty hand?

Now, let us know what you think.


One thought on “"The Grace Factor"

  1. In the days of old we lived under the law. We are no longer under the Law. Jesus came, bled and died for our sins. The word even said that he became sin. (on our behalf)Once he died, God no longer saw us when we sinned, He only saw the Blood of Jesus. And today Jesus is ever making intercessions for us to the father. It is easy to take this grace for granted because in our finite minds we feel that we have gotten away with something. Grace only bought us time. Repentance buys us a clean slate. Without true repentance, the payday will come. Like my dad used to say, you get by with it but you don't get away. VonnieG

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