"Moral Absolutes, or Absolutely Moral." Is this a generation of Hopelessness?

We have a whole generation with no moral absolutes. 
a  moral absolute is = The is the concept of an unconditional reality which transcends limited conditional everday existence.  It is sometimes used as an alternate term for
“God.”  It is the stand in which you take that you will not let down for ANY reason.

Now that is the dictionaries definition, not mine. 
Starting from the babies who scream at their parents, have temper tantrums, falling out in the middle of floor and throwing objects like toys, telling their parents to “Shut up,” or “Leave me alone.  Spitting on people; sticking their tongues out at people.”  I litterally heard a child 2 years old saying this to her mother.  the only thing that I could say was, “Someone, please get me a belt, a switch or a paddle or something.”  The will of that was so strong, that by now mom does not know what to do with her.  This happens far too often.  No moral values being instilled in that child at all. 
Then we have the younger ones, ages 13 and  up, who feel like they are due a respect that they have not yet earned.  And they have actually said that, when we have had to de-escalate situations and we ask the young person why it is that they are so angry in the first place, the first thing they say is that “They don’t respect me.”  Respect you? You are 14, 15, 16 through 18  years old and you feel like someone owes you some respect?  Respect is something that is earned, not just given.  And you don’t get it just because you think you should.  They also feel like they can say whatever is on their mind, to whoever they need to say it to without any penalties or reprocussions.  Never mind that it is an adult.  They feel like they have earned the right to say whatever is on their mind, and you have to listen and respect them for it.  Gone are days that they hear the instruction of their elders or any other authority figure, and they heed to that instruction. They know everything.  And you can’t tell them what they don’t know.  Until they hit a brick wall that is.  Then they come running to us for help.  No moral values, no moral fiber.
Then we have this group 19-30, who are still trying to find themselves.  Find yourself? How have you gotten so lost that you have to struggle to find out who you are.  You knew who you were when you where a child.  You knew exactly what you wanted to be and do.  “When I grow, I want to be…” What happened?  How did you get so side tracked?  Part of it is that they have no moral absolutes.  They ride in between the line.  They are doubleminded and unstable.  They can’t make a solid decision and stick to it.  They need verbal affirmation from friends or whoever they can get it from, for everything you do.  They are wishy washy, as we used to call it.  And most would not even make it own their own if they were pushed into that position.  Unlike the generation before, who were solid.  Steady.  Who at 18, 19, 20 and 21 had already made a decision to get married, raise a family, pay bills and take on the responsibilities of an adult.  Who knew how to handle finances, balance a check book and care for more than just themselves.  That generation drew a line in the sand.  When they believed in Christ, they believed totally and completly.  This generation does not know WHAT they believe in.  One minute they are professing their love for Christ, the next minute they are cursing you out, trying to fight you and trying to go to the club.  THAT, is NOT having a moral value or moral absolutes.  THAT is straddling the fence and being unstable in all your ways, as the doubleminded man that the word of God speaks about.  And THAT brings you to destruction, lack and poverty, being outside the will of God.  And THAT brings us to the question of the day, and it is a simple question.

Why is this generation so much more wiser, but so much weaker than the generations before?  How can we change that? And, where is YOUR line in the sand?  Where are or WHAT are your moral absolutes?

Now, tell us what you think.


"What Kinda World Do We Live In?"

We live in a world gone mad.  A world that is calling wrong right, and right wrong.
A world where someone that is angry or disgruntled can take a gun and shoot as
many innocent people in their path as they possibly can, then turn the gun on themselves.  Hurting not just themselves, but hurting and wounding families, tearing them apart and leaving them crushed in the wake of their selfish destruction.
A world where little children, girls and boys, can’t even walk around or play in their own neighborhoods anymore, for fear that some deginerate, some sexual preditor may grab them, take them away from the safety of their families and homes, abuse them, and then eventually, fatally wound them. 
A world where our young people can’t even take a  walk down the street or go to school safely, for fear that someone will mistake them for someone else, or even have an ought against them for some ridiculous and incomprehensable reason, and gang jump them with 7, 8, 9 or even 15 people, or shot them, and leave us with 1 more fatality.  A world where a child can’t even go to the store for a bag of skittles without being accused of being a thug and a robber, and then getting shot in the chest by a vigilante wanna be, and being left for dead in the streets.  Another potential leader, a great mind or a prophetic destiny left unfulfilled, now resting in the grave, prematurely.  A world where teddy bears and balloons and flowers are strung up around trees and light post; signifing the loss of a dearly beloved one.  No matter what they’ve done. Good or bad.  Right or wrong.  We still honor them.  We still celebrate them.  Why?
A world where our women, young and old, fear everyday, not just for their lives, but for their bodies being brutally used and abused against their wills.  The perpertrator not seeming to understand the meaing of the word “No.”  And if the perpertrator is not caught, the burden of proof lies on her whether she is tellling the truth or not about being sexually assualted.  Especially if they were on a date at the time.  Gone are the days of carefree shopping at the mall.  Lunch, or dinner and a movie in the safety and company of friends.  Women are now instructed to take someone, preferably a young man, with them when they go out.  Especially at night.  Fear.
A world where if you catch someone coming out of your house, after robbing you, and you shoot them, you are the one that can be arrested.  You are the one who will be charged as a criminal, and you are the one who will go to jail.  With the possibility that you can be sued for shooting them, for robbing YOU.  Wow!!!
A world where even though you are found guilty of a crime, you still experience the luxery’s of 3 square meals a day, televison, internet, weight lifting, libraries and are able to get an honest to goodness real diploma, associates, bachelor’s, and even masters degree in whatever field of study that you choose, on tax payer dollars.  But the law violates the constitutional rights of a convicted felon, if it does not give them a punishment that is NOT cruel or unusual.  The right of access to parole.  And the right NOT to be discriminated against.  They MUST be treated humanely.  Wow!
A world where we think, that if we turn and look the other way, perhaps all this, everything will go away.  It will change.  It will get better, and then, we won’t have to deal with the reality of what we’ve come to as a society.  We live in the most blessed Nation on the planet. We live in the most democratic society or regiems in the world.  And this great Nation was founded on a principle; that “In God, We Trust.”  Hmmm.

So here is the question,

Is it a possibility that we have been given too many freedoms?  Is it possible that in this “Land of The Free and Home of The Brave,” that we have begun to take our many freedoms for granted?  Are many people abusing their “Freedoms, and do you think that maybe just perhaps, some of those freedoms should be revoked?”  How, if at all possible, can we re-capture what we’ve lost as a Nation in trying to please and apease the masses, with so many Freedoms, and re-gain control of the criminal elements in our society?  How can we get back to our founding principle?
Or, can we?

Now, let us hear what you have to say.

"A Day at The Poles" "It’s Your Choice. Make it Carefully"

I went and voted in the primary’s on last Tuesday.  “Super Tuesday” they call it.
It is the day that the political parties decide who will be running against one another in Novembers big Presidential Election.  After talking with a several people, it occured
to me that some people don’t even pay attention to any of the important issues before they vote. 
I also found out that others were motivated by guess what?  Yeah you guessed it,
the matter of ethnic origins of the candidates or “Race”.  It didn’t matter WHAT they stood for or what platform they used to run their race from, for some that was a motiviating factor.  And still others simply vote their political party.  Right or wrong, good or bad.  No matter WHAT they stand for or their belief systems, They are diehard Democratic or Republican.  Some people didn’t even vote at all.  “Why,” you say?  Because this race simply was not interesting enough to even get envolved with.  Hmmm. 
At the poles, they also asked everyone “Are you voting Republican or Democratic?”  I told them that was not any of their business.  And why did they need to know.  That is a personal a  private decision that I have the right to make on my own.  If I decided to choose a different candidate each time based on their plateform that is my Constitutional right.  Is this what our Democratic process has come to?  Was I wrong for doing that?  Hmmm.       

So here is they question.

Should a person stand so strongly with a political party if the don’t actually believe in the phylosophy of the party or  candidate?  Do you think it is right for the board of elections to ask people  what their voting choice is before they give them a ballot? 
And lastly, what do YOU think of this up coming Presidential election?

Now, tell us what you think.

"What have YOU given, today?" Part II

Good morning everyone.  I had several conversations with a lot of people last week concerning last weeks question, and I asked, out of all the views and comments I get on this site everyday, why has no one but one person put a comment down.  Amazing.  Now, I had several views of the site and several off site comments, and I came up with some some very interesting answers and observations to the question.    I asked one person if they had viewed the page?  They said yes.  I asked them why they had not left a comment?  They said, “Because I have not done ANYTHING for ANYBODY this week.  I said, “Nobody?”  They said, “No.”  And I said, “Awe come on, you had to do SOMETHING, FOR SOMEBODY.”  They said, “Nope.” and I said, “Wow.”
I just wanted you to know how that conversation went.  But, it got me to thinking, and I was really surprised.  And  I’m not so very sure that this is a pleasing thing or a good thing, that we go an entire week and not make SOME kind of an impact on SOMEBODIES life.  Even if its just 1 person, or 1 thing.  It will make our existence so much more fulfilling.  So, after talking with many people, I was asked to please run this particular question again this week.  So let’s try this again,

So, here is the question,

How can YOU help someone today? What have YOU given today? How have YOU reached out to help a fellow brother, sister, or some other needy soul today? Did you lend a hand to someone, today? What have YOU said to encourage, or lift someone up, or brighten someones day, today?  Did you rally round them, make them feel special, needed and necessary, lift up their confidence level?  Did you support or cheer on someone today?   Did you help to improve someones existance, today?  Who did you champion or defend, today?  Did you hug someone who may have REALLY needed a hug?  Not just any hug, but a meaningful, “I’m hear, I got you” hug.  Who have YOU blessed, no matter how great or small, today? Did you pay it forward today?  Maybe pay for someones groceries at the grocery store? Or put money in someones parking meter?  Or just take a few dollars out of your pocket and put it in their hand?  Did you bear anothers burden, today? Who were you strength for, today?  What did you do today, and not asked for anything in return?

Now, tell us what YOU did.