What do you do when you don’t want unwanted guest or visitors or solicitations to your home or business?  You put up signs.  Signs such as, “No Trespassing,” or “No Admittance,” or “No Solicitations.”  And to make the full meaning of our request clear, we often times add, “VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED!” 
That leaves it unmistakably clear that we will not tolerated your unwanted visits, you are not welcome here. 

One day, my children, some other neighborhood children and myself were passing our literature for our church’s summer lunch and camp program, when I turned my head for just a second to deal with another issue, one of the children mistakenly put a flyer on one of the houses that was clearly marked with those signs, No Trespassing and No Soliciation.”  Just as soon as they walked down the stairs, the front door flew open and an angry hand unceremoniously reached out and snatched the flyer down and the surely resident begin to spew profanities and name calling at the child.  The child came running into my arms for safety and protection.  I began to apologize and to the irrate resident and let them know that the name calling was unecessary, while trying to explain to them that the child did not know any better and try to counsol the child all at the same time.  That did not help the situation at all, so I calmly led the children on down the street to our next destination.  However, I had to explain to them what the signs meant and why someone would put up such a sign on their property when all they wanted to do was share their good news.  They understood the sign, but still did not understand why the person had to be so mean and angry. 

But guess what, I understand, now, but for a different reason. 

It is time for us to put up “NO TRESPASSING” signs to every imp and demon.  Every devil and unclean spirit.  It is time for us to stop cowing down, stop backing up, stop running, and stop hiding.  It is time for us to take a stand.  We are  at war.  You can site there and chose not to believe it if you want to.  But Battle by battle and with the power of God, we MUST take back EVERYTHING the enemy has stolen from us.  Our familes, our homes, our children, our peace, our finances.  EVERYTHING!  We decree and delcare by the power and authority of Jesus Christ of Nazereth, the true and Living Word of God, that NO weapon that is formed against you/us shall prosper; and EVERY TONGUE that shall rise against thee/us in judgment thou/we shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD. Isaiah 54:17. 

The enemy CANNOT have our children, husbands, wives, families.  He CANNOT reside in our homes.  He CANNOT mess with our minds or our finances or our health.  It is time for us to stop giving cute little whitty names to these demons like, cancer, diabtes, bi-polar, ADHD and everything else, and begin to call them what they are; demon spirits.  It is time to put up some “NO TRESPASSING SIGNS,” some “VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED”  Signs.  And when the enemy comes at is, its time for us to point to the sign in our yard; “NO TRESPASSING” because you are not welcome here.  The world NEEDS us, and we CANNOT take this world for Christ or be the seasoning agent or the salt in this world if we don’t know who we are.  It is time for us to take a stand, and know that God has blessed this land, to take back what the devils taken and shake this world like it’s not been shaken.  Put the signs back up.

Now, tell us what YOU have to say.


One thought on “"NO TRESPASSING!"

  1. I'm in total agreement. It's easy to blame people for what they do or say, but people can be used by demon spirits to come against the people of God. We must know who we are in Christ and take authority over those spirits that come against us. We are strong in the Lord in the power of his might. For me it is day to day process of being careful of what I think and say, so that I'm not complaining. I must continually read God's word and apply His truths to my life. Having people in my life that is also striving to be more like Christ who correct, encourage, and support each other makes a difference as well.

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