Ok, here is a dilemma that seems to be plaguing our country.  I understand the emotional outrage that is going on right now in Ferguson, Missouri.  I completely empathize with the family, the friends, and the community as a whole.  The loss of this young African-American man, 18-year-old Michael Brown, is a travesty of immeasurable comparison, no matter what the circumstances that lead up to it, it is still a tragedy, that could have been averted had other more calming measures been taken by law enforcement.

However, one thing I DO NOT UNDERSTAND, is this person named Josie, who has been allowed to speak on live radio, and to give an account of what they did not know to be fact, but that they felt was an accurate account of the state of affairs.  Who was NOT in fact, an eye-witness to the situation, but WAS in truth a third-party person, the friend of the friend of the alleged officer, who had heard the account from the friend that was the friend of the alleged officer.  Hmmm.  That is not correct, not cool, and not good for the case.  And THAT in itself is a dilemma, but herein lies MY dilemma.

I know that people are angry, not only in Missouri, but in other parts of the Country, for what appears to be the needless systematic slaughter of the African-American male by law enforcement.   And I know that far too many of our young men have fallen in this almost identical manner, only to be forgotten when the next incident comes into the National spotlight.  Which most times, is more quickly than imaginable.  I know this.  I get it.  And I feel your anger.  I empathize with your pain.  But my brothers and sisters, it is senseless, illogical, and quite foolish for ANYONE to loot, pillage and plunder their own neighbors in the wake of what appears to be such an undeniable injustice.  But think about this;  YOU AND YOUR FAMIILY have to live in those neighborhoods after the situation has been dissolved.  You’ve totally torn up and robbed the electronics store.  You’ve trashed and ravaged the beauty salons.  You’ve demolished the Corner Variety and Grocery stores.  And everything else in between, you’ve burned to the ground.  Now, when the situation has calmed down, the Police presence has gone, and the National Guard has been disbanded, and everyone has at least come to grips with what has transpired.  Now, you have NO grocery or corner variety store; you have NO beauty salons; You have NO electronics stores or anything else that will promote YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD as being a thriving, viable, Community; because you have destroyed it.  THAT my friend, is the definition of “Insanity,” And THAT is how ghetto’s are created.  It is by far one of the stupidest most idiotic things that I have ever heard of, and it never ceases to astound me.  No business will be able to, or even WANT TO rebuild what YOU have destroyed, in YOUR community.  They can’t.  Not only is their determination to thrive in that community gone; their civic and community pride abated; but the insurance it takes to run that business, to re-build that business in that community, which is already much too high for business owners to even afford in the first place, I promise you this, that after incidents like that, the looting, the pillaging, the plundering, the burning, that their insurance WILL increase, if not be dropped completely.  Making it absolutely impossible for those business owners to operate at all.  These are people who were born and raised in your neighborhoods.  Their children go to school in your neighborhoods.  They started a business in that neighborhood loving that community because they were a part of that community, and believing that the people from that neighborhood or community would love and support them in return.  But what do you give them as an act of appreciation for their desire to operate a business in your community rather than in the suburbs?  You give them Thievery, robbery, hatred and greed.  Because truth be told, that’s all that it is.  That is EXACTLY what it is.  Simple Greed.  You are a taker and a user.  You use the events of your Communities weakness and outrage of a situation or occurrence, as an opportunity to exploit and capitalize on what others, the hard-working business men and women of YOUR community, have achieved, and built through blood, sweat and tears.  And you take what is not rightfully or lawfully yours.  Leaving in your wake an empty hole from the destruction and the devastation that you have wrought from your greed.  And that is not right in ANY culture.  It is madness.  It is insanity.  And God sees you.  And He WILL judge and repay you.  You WILL reap the destruction that you have sown.  Watch.

Now, tell me what YOU think,



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