It’s good to be back everyone.  My computer was down for a little while with a virus, but I had some awesome technicians at a little computer shop on Lakeshore Blvd. called “Y Pay More” that got it right back in order for me quickly.  Thanks Eric and William.  You know I love to shout out to people who do others right, offer a good product or service and don’t try to take advantage of them.  Now, here is what I would like to talk about today. 

Recently over that last few years I’ve noticed that we have been experiencing an increased rash of violence in our schools with  our students, and on our streets with our young people in general.  Students can’t even go to regular education schools anymore because of the threats of physical violence that they are experiencing on a daily basis.  For example, a young woman that my daughter knows was just pulled out of mainstream regular education this week by her parents because on the very first day of school her life and the life of her unborn child was threatened by someone she didn’t even know.  A few years ago, my daughter herself was on her way home from school, having missed her connection with her brother who she normally rode with, and right in the RTA Rapid station at tower City, where we are supposed to have increased security and cameras, she got cornered by 3 students, 2 girls a 1 boy that she was not even acquainted with, but who knew someone else that she knew, and who went to the same school that she was attending at the time.  The boy held her arms behind her back while the girls proceeded to punch and beat on her.  They then knocked her down, kicked and stomped her to the ground, then left her there, walking away as if they had accomplished some noteworthy and extraordinary feat by beating up a little tiny girl who was all of 4’11” inches tall, (Not even 5′ tall) and weighed slightly over 105 pounds on a rainy day, and was alone.  Wow!!! THAT took great courage to go up against HER!  (The writer says facetiously).   That is the way of cowards.  After we took her to emergency we discovered, thank God , that she had no broken bones or permanent injuries, just a lot of bruising.  But we did make a police report.  Now here recently, my son went to school last Monday just like everyone else in the City of Cleveland did.  But after school while all the students were trying to get on the RTA buses, cars came driving up and students from a rival school jumped out and begin to jump the students from my son’s school.  My son got broadsided, (Punched) in the side of his head for no apparent reason, other than the fact that he was not from the same school as these trespassers.  Yes, Cleveland Police and the Gang Unit showed up and pursued after the intruders, but that does not negate the fact that these young people were not only threatened with physical bodily harm, but were assaulted as well while simply trying to get home from a long day at school.  Something that in all practicality should be easy enough to do, but seems to be becoming an increasingly difficult task. 

The safety net of being on your own school property no longer exist.   What are our children to do?  My son, while he fought the intruders back, was out numbered 4 to 1.   But he stood his ground, not allowing the perpetrators to know whether he was afraid or not.  He only ran for safety when his own schools security came running out.  So shy did he run when he saw his own schools security and not feel just a little bit protected, comforted and safe you may ask?  Because of the school policy that says, WHENEVER a student is caught fighting, whether they initiated the fight or just merely defended themselves, they too will be suspended.  Now I don’t know if this is a written policy or if it is just implied, but I have seen it happen myself several times in the past, and my son did not want to get suspended in the first week of school, so he ran.   Now that to me is a bit odd, because it stands to reason that if I’m being harassed, and I defend myself against the harasser that I should not be punished as the harasser is.  Shouldn’t our children feel safe in our schools?  Shouldn’t they know that they will be protected and not punished for protecting themselves?  Shouldn’t we be doing more to increase the safety in and around our schools.  And shouldn’t our security extend just a little further than the outside of the school?  Is this what we’ve come to, a completely online education society because there is no safety in the schools?  If you ask me, I think it’s time for us as parents, to being to press and pursue criminal charges against ANY STUDENT who threatens the safety and well-being of our children, no matter what school or area they come from.  That’s what I think.

Now, tell me what you think,      



Family Reunions

I recently went to my family reunion in Charlotte, NC.  My cousin’s Forrest and Simone did such a phenomenal job that it just didn’t make any kind of sense.  (That’s an oxymoron in case you were wondering).  These folks spread out the red carpet for us and showed us such love and hospitality, that some of us didn’t even want to leave and come back home.  They worked non-stop and tirelessly to ensure that we had a good time, and plenty, I mean plenty to eat.  And then sent us off on our merry way with yet even more to eat.  Well done Forrest and Simone and NC crew.  We really appreciate and love you.

We had family come from everywhere; from Ohio, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and many more places.  (Forgive me if I missed your city).  Many we did not know, and had never even met, but when we saw them, we embraced them and claimed them as family.  We even made our bus driver feel like family.  Shout out to you Virgil.  There were not any isms, or schisms.  No hidden agendas.  No friction.  And most of all, NO DRAMA!  Young people bonded and made new connections, and new friends.  We were united, if but for those few short days.  We talked, laughed, ate, shared our opinions, our past present and future hopes and dreams; and we passed the torch from one generation to the next, assuring that the legacy of the Banks-Fields family would continue, and that the next generation would grab ahold of it, embrace the challenges of it and continue the traditions that were put in place by the matriarchs of this great family some 50 years ago.

But everyone does not have the kind of family that we do.  A close-knit family that will pull in and adopt ANYONE AND EVERYONE that wants to be a part.  A family that will love you, despite all of your flaws, defects, imperfections and faults.  A family that will back you, and stand up for you.  Is it a perfect family?  By no means, but it is a family that flows with the unbiased, impartial, unadulterated, unpretentious, true, love of God.  And THAT, you cannot buy, batter, beg, steal or negotiate for.  And in a world that is so troubled, and filled with so much sorrow, pain, dispassion and hate, THAT means all the world to me.  Long live, the Banks-Fields Family and everyone in between.

Now, tell us what YOU think,