“Standard Procedure” REALLY?

I have not written in a while because I have been extremely busy.  But something happened recently that caused me to have to write about it.  This may be a little harsh, and it WILL be a bit long, but it’s real, and I need for you to understand the true reality of it.  It’s just that deep.
In March of this year, I was called to an emergency situation at a local hospital, by a young man and woman who are expecting a child.  At that time, she was only 3 months along, when as she was sitting at home she began to bleed profusely.  She was immediately rushed to the hospital by ambulance an hour after they called them, with the pre-supposed deduction that she had lost the baby through miscarriage.  They called the ambulance at about 12:00 noon, and it was about 1:00 p.m. when the ambulance got them to the hospital.  When they arrived at the hospital at approximately 1:00 in the afternoon, they put the bleeding, crying, and frightened young woman in a wheel chair and rolled her into the emergency entrance.  The young man, as well as the ambulance attendants, informed the receptionist of the condition that this young woman was in, and that the young woman was pregnant and bleeding heavily.  And the receptionist’ response to them was, “You have to wait.  We have no room.”  Wow! I was always under the impression that when people came into a hospital emergency room covered in blood, that they were moved up to the “High Priority” list.  Hmm.  Well, by this time, the young woman’s mother had arrived, and I was told that the nonchalance of the hospital staff in regards to the young woman’s plight was inconceivable.
Two hours after they had arrived at the emergency room I received the distress call.  I left my job at approximately 3:10p.m. and arrived at the hospital by about 3:25p.m. from downtown Cleveland.  Yes, I was speeding a little bit, but when my young people are in distress, I respond.  As I entered into the emergency room I beheld a horrific sight.  The distraught young man who was now crying and pacing the floor; the still bleeding young woman who had by now,  stopped crying, and was hopelessly slumped over in the wheel chair, seemingly unconscious, incoherent, and non-speaking; Hair strewn wildly across her tear streaked face;  eyes closed; a mother who was anxiously waiting to hear what was going on with her daughter, and was wondering why they had not yet taken her in to be examined; and a supportive friend, who was there for that very reason, and that was to be a friend.  When the young man saw me walk in, he walked over to me and threw his arms around me, and wept.  His words to me were, “Please help us, they are trying to kill our baby.”  Tears filled my eyes, but I had to push them aside for now.  It was time for the Holy Spirit to go to work.
I told him to sit down, and assured him that everything was going to be alright.  I quickly accessed the situation, and did what I do; I took control.  I walked up to the receptionist and said, “Excuse me, I’m with that young couple over there.  could you please explain to me why it is that this young woman has been bleeding for over 2 and a half hours and you guys still have her sitting here in the lobby?”  Her response may shock you a little.  She said, “Mam, we know she has been sitting out here, but we have no beds available.  As soon as we have an available bed, we will take her back.”  That did not satisfy me.  So my next question was this.  “So, you all just allow people to sit in your waiting room, bleeding for 2 and a half hours and not knowing the cause?”  This will probably shock you even more.  She said, “Mam, we have this happen all of the time.  She is probably having a miscarriage, and in that case there is nothing we can do to stop it.  So when they get her in the back they will give her a pill, send her home, and she will finish miscarrying at her own home, in the toilet.  That is standard procedure.”  WHAT???? Are you kidding me?  Are you really serious?  So, this is what we have come down to?  The  systematic genocide of a people.  The extinction of a race?  How very clever and shrewd to craftily and conveniently dispose of the seemingly insignificant without anyone being none the wiser.  I looked at her, and this was my response to her.  “So that’s the way you all do it now.  You haven’t even examined this young woman and you assume that she has miscarried?  So, when you give her this little “pill,” she goes home, and continues what YOU assume has already begun, without further examination?”  Well, by now, I was angry and I’m sure it showed on my face and was heard in my voice.  So I spoke calmly.  Not screaming or hollering.  But with authority.  “Oh no.  that’s not going to happen, But here is what needs to happen.  First, you guys need to move her up on the priority  list and get this young woman a bed.  Second, she needs to be examined to determine what exactly is actually going on.  And third, YOU WILL NOT GIVE HER ANY PILL, FOR ANY REASON, unless AFTER you have examined her and it is deemed to be necessary.  THEN, we will talk.”
Within 5-8 minutes, they had called this young  name, and she was wheeled to the back for examination.  I told her mother what they intended to do, and we agreed that his was NOT going to happen.  By this time, my husband came walking in, because again, these are OUR young people, and when they need us, we come.  I quickly apprised him of the situation and he agreed with the assessment, and we began to pray.  Then he said, “It ain’t over until GOD says it’s over!”  They allowed us to go to the back with the family to check on the young people.  After the examination and the ultrasound, the doctor came out, and these were her words.  “The good news is, is that the baby is doing fine.  I know she had some bleeding, but I have had people that have bled, even have had a cycle for nine months of their pregnancy and have still delivered healthy, full term babies.  The bad news is that I might have to label you a high risk pregnancy, depending on if this happens again, and the amount of bleeding.  And you need to be on bed rest for the next few weeks.”  She continued to give instruction to the now smiling and jubilant young couple, who were released shortly there after, and all was well.  That little baby is still holding on to this day, and I imagine he or she has said in their mommy’s womb, “I’m NOT letting go, cause I have a purpose and a prophetic destiny to fulfill.”  Had we went along with the program of “Standard Procedure,”  this baby would now be gone from existence forever, never to even having known the purposes and the potential of God in their life.
Now, I know that was very long, but it was also very necessary.  So my question is this,  Why? And has our hospitals, care physicians and medical industry become so overwhelmed or uncaring and corrupt that they willfully, knowingly and conveniently just dispose of the unborn so haphazardly and callously?  Who is in charge and responsible this systematic desecration of human life?  And how many more that may not have had an advocate, may not have had anyone to speak up for them, have gone in and have gone through this “Standard Procedure?  Well, from the words of the one I personally spoke to in the emergency room, “They do it all the time. It’s,  “Standard Procedure.”  And that should not be.
Now, tell me what you think,

One thought on ““Standard Procedure” REALLY?

  1. Wow, we know that this world system will have to end soon. People everywhere are confused about the motives of the elected officials. I think of it as a cattle hurding of the people (those who are in the lower income brackets. “Not on Welfare” , just fitting into the bracket that allows us to get health care cheaper than those in the middle and upper class. This is affecting all people black and white) It has truely become the society for ” The survival of the Fittest”. ” The haves and the have nots”. Today you have to know your rights, and know the law, and be ready, willing and able to stand up for them. We must educate ourselves and pull ourselves up by the boot strap and stand. Become better than. Knowledge is power. In the words of an old Jewish woman that I once knew, “You can do something about everything”.

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