Here’s a good question.  Why is it that people tend to do things in other folks neighborhood that you won’t find them doing in their own?  For example; I have literally sat and watched people who were not from “certain neighborhoods,” run stop signs; go right through yield signs, as if they had no clue what “YIELD” really means; go through school zone lights doing faster than the mandatory posted “20 mph” speed limit; speed down residential streets, where there are children clearly playing in plan sight in the parks; allow their pets to use the rest room in people’s lawns or in community parks without using the mandated poo poo bag that they would use in other neighborhoods; blatantly throw trash out of their car windows right into the street; or open their car doors and sit it politely on the ground beside their vehicle just before the light changes and the speed off; illegally dump large items and trash bags in empty fields and in alleys when they think no one is looking.  Why is that?

Also, I ride through different “specific types” of neighborhoods on a day-to-day basis and I see these “Traffic Enforcement Cameras” on every other corner in the “inner city,” but I don’t see them in the suburban neighborhoods.   Why is that?  Are these  “ENFORCEMENT CAMERA’S” truly for the benefit of assisting law enforcement agencies with traffic control? Or are they  simply another governmental ploy designed to purge. squeeze, and snatch, more of the already hard-earned ever decreasing finances and funds that these people have to literally fight for on a continuous basis, from their grasp?  They are already struggling, do they really need some camera that only works half of the time, monitoring their driving habits for the benefit of financial gain to that city?  As a matter of fact, here is a very amusing and strange thing that happened to me one day.  While I was driving down Euclid Avenue, I stopped at a light in East Cleveland at the corner of Forest Hills and Euclid Avenue.  Everyone on every side of me was just sitting there waiting for the light to change in their favor.  Moments went by.  When suddenly there was a bright  flash, and then another.  The camera’s begin to go absolutely wild flashing, one flash right after another.  None of the motorist were moving at all yet mind you, so I could see everyone looking around confused and wondering why this camera was flashing, and which one of the vehicles had violated the law by running the light, or by being too far past the line, or what ever other traffic infraction they nab you on with these devises.   We all looked around to try to figure out what exactly was going on, and the ONLY thing we saw moving, was a relatively good-looking shapely young woman in some very tiny shorts, who was walking from one side of Euclid Avenue to the other side of the street.  At first I thought nothing of it, until the camera flashed again, and still no cars were moving.  It flashed yet again, until she had gotten completely across to-the-other-side-of the-street.  True story.  I tell you folks, I sat there with my mouth opened wide astounded by what I had just seen.  I looked over at the driver in the car next to me (it was warm and the windows were down); and I said to him, “You have got to be kidding me right?”  He  simply shrugged his shoulders, shook his head in disbelief, looking just as stupefied as I was.  The light changed, and we pulled off.  Now THAT was one of those things that make you go, hmmmm.

There are many things that we can go on to question that occur in our “inner city neighborhoods” that you will not find happening in the suburbs.  (Even though no doubt, they may have their share of problems as well).   But I could go on and on naming various different and interesting situations that occur in the “inner city,” that perhaps should not.  You can no doubt think of several yourself.  What I’am simply saying is this; The “Inner City” is not a dumping ground.  It is a place just like any other place, where families live, raise children, go to school, work,  shop and grow.   The people and families that live there deserve respect, just like Pepper Pike, or Solon, or Westlake, or Parma.  It  may not be the ideal place that people have chosen to live, but there are some awesome and incredible people who have chosen to make their homes in the “Inner City.”   And this I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt; you can be Black, White, Asian, Hispanic or any other Nationality, and you can go to the park and swing your children or play basketball in the “Inner City,” go to the store and shop in the “Inner City,” get gas or get your car fixed in the “Inner City.” or simply chose to walk down the street after dinner in the “Inner City,” and I promise you, that no will call the police, no one will look at you strange like you are not supposed to be there,  no one will even ask you why are you there, and no one will bother you, unless of course it is select foolish crowd, that does not even know who they are themselves, and in that case, it’s not just you they would bother, but its ANYBODY!  But in most cases, what you WILL find, is beautiful, friendly, sociable people, who are willing to step outside of their fears and uncertainties, and accept and embrace you, just for who you are.  Color doesn’t matter here.  It is not a determining factor.    Ethnic heritage doesn’t matter here.  Rich or poor doesn’t matter here either.  What matters is, that you ARE somebody, a human being, and you deserve respect, just like everyone else does.  So does the “Inner City.”  Sometimes people don’t have a choice where they live, for one reason or another, but that does not make them any less valuable, any less important, any less significant, any less worthwhile, or any less due respect for who they are and where they have chosen or  not chosen to live.

Now, tell us what you think,



  1. I love it I get very upset with my neighbors and whom ever else that can not seem to get the trash in the trash bin but throws ot right beside the bin. To me that is pure laziness, inappropriate, unclean,and disgusting.

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