There’s an army rising up.  A mighty moving force, that is about to spread across the land.  They are young, and they are strong, and they are determined to deliver the message that they have been entrusted with.  They are determined  to be a living breathing example of the epitome of what righteous living truly is.  To proclaim the unadulterated word of the Lord.  They are determined to be the epitome of priesthood, manhood, husbandhood, fatherhood, and brotherhood.  To teach those younger men what real men really are.  And real men are not afraid to worship God.  Only when me worship God can they become the true fathers, husbands and sons that they need to be.  They are determined to break the chains, reverse the cycle and change the mindsets that have plagued their generation for so long.  The mindset that has made men abandon their children and families, leaving mothers to raise their sons, their daughters, their children alone, and causing a breach that has created a substantial ripple effect in society.  They understand the importance of a man raising his family and that it is so fundamentally critical to their essential growth and development, and that it is so much the very foundation of their children, their sons, their daughters, that the effects of him NOT being there is sociologically and statistically astounding.  They understand that their mothers, and grandmothers, their sisters, their aunts, and their nieces, are queens and princesses, and should be treated as such; with honor, reverence and respect.  That their woman, their true soul mate is the stabilizing force, the very fiber that upholds the greatness that is the man.  And that it is his job to, and he must nurture, cultivate, encourage, support, develop, protect, defend and love her.

Because of their ideology, they are coming to a greater understanding of way things SHOULD be structured.  They understand that only having a religion, or a form of Godliness, just will not do.   They understand exactly who they are, and that they have the power to change and create their own destiny’s.  They understand that everything  happens in the perfect will and timing of God and for His purpose only.  They understand that God is EVERYTHING and that they are nothing without Him, and that He is the very air that they breath.  They understand that God truly sees the heart, no matter what you may act like.  Whether that be good or bad, so it is best to be true and real, not fake or pretentious.  That everyone’s level of duty may not be the same, but that everyone does indeed have a duty or a level that they MUST pursue and ultimately obtain.  They understand that you are a leader or become a leader sometimes even before you know that you are one, because you are different.  You may try NOT to be different.  You try to blend in, to camouflage,  but you can’t.  You can’t being who you are.  You just stand out because you are who you are, and you are marked by the hand of God.  They understand that they must be an example, mentors to our young men, and nurturers to our young women to bring them back to health and wholeness that has been lost to them because of the influences and demands of society.  They understand that they are priest of God.  Kings in the making.  And that God is linking them up together with their queens, their other halves, their soul mates so that they can together, conquer the territory and accomplish the supernatural and divine mission that has been set before them by the almighty.  They understand that the decisions that they make will inevitably affect more than just them, but that they will affect everyone around them and their entire generation.  No matter where they are, no matter what they are doing.  They may ultimately have to be elevated to a higher position, a higher calling, so that they can do the job that they need to do, because the only way for them to be able to touch the lives of the people that they MUST touch, they MUST  excel to that higher place.  They have humble hearts, and they are willing vessels, but they are not wimps.  They are up for the fight, and they will NOT take what the enemy has been handing out lying down.  Because he is not and issue, and he never was.  They don’t take lightly the charge that has been placed upon their lives.  They welcome it.  They call for it.  They challenge it.  And they are not afraid.  There is advancement and elevation for this chosen generation as they assemble, as they connect, as they are drawn together from all parts of the country, all regions of the world, and prepare for the awesome challenge of this great revolution, and as they take this world by storm.   They are right now being spiritually armed and equipped.  For they WILL break the chains that bind up their generation, and you WILL hear the chains breaking and falling off.  They are called and sanctioned not by man, but by God.  Who are these “World Changers?” you may ask.  Just open your eyes and look around, they are here, and they are there, and you will know them when you see them.   They are, “The World Changers.”     


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