Family Reunions

I recently went to my family reunion in Charlotte, NC.  My cousin’s Forrest and Simone did such a phenomenal job that it just didn’t make any kind of sense.  (That’s an oxymoron in case you were wondering).  These folks spread out the red carpet for us and showed us such love and hospitality, that some of us didn’t even want to leave and come back home.  They worked non-stop and tirelessly to ensure that we had a good time, and plenty, I mean plenty to eat.  And then sent us off on our merry way with yet even more to eat.  Well done Forrest and Simone and NC crew.  We really appreciate and love you.

We had family come from everywhere; from Ohio, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and many more places.  (Forgive me if I missed your city).  Many we did not know, and had never even met, but when we saw them, we embraced them and claimed them as family.  We even made our bus driver feel like family.  Shout out to you Virgil.  There were not any isms, or schisms.  No hidden agendas.  No friction.  And most of all, NO DRAMA!  Young people bonded and made new connections, and new friends.  We were united, if but for those few short days.  We talked, laughed, ate, shared our opinions, our past present and future hopes and dreams; and we passed the torch from one generation to the next, assuring that the legacy of the Banks-Fields family would continue, and that the next generation would grab ahold of it, embrace the challenges of it and continue the traditions that were put in place by the matriarchs of this great family some 50 years ago.

But everyone does not have the kind of family that we do.  A close-knit family that will pull in and adopt ANYONE AND EVERYONE that wants to be a part.  A family that will love you, despite all of your flaws, defects, imperfections and faults.  A family that will back you, and stand up for you.  Is it a perfect family?  By no means, but it is a family that flows with the unbiased, impartial, unadulterated, unpretentious, true, love of God.  And THAT, you cannot buy, batter, beg, steal or negotiate for.  And in a world that is so troubled, and filled with so much sorrow, pain, dispassion and hate, THAT means all the world to me.  Long live, the Banks-Fields Family and everyone in between.

Now, tell us what YOU think,


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