“Inspired by God”

Inspiration. The act of inspiring; the quality or state of being inspired or influenced.  There are many things that inspire us.  A marriage; the birth of a baby; a new boyfriend; a new job or house; or something as simple as a good book.  Many things inspire us, but sometimes because  of the tough things we must invariably go through in life, the death of a loved one.  The loss of a job or career.  The break-up of a failed marriage or relationship.  The discovery of something catastrophic in our lives, such as illness or disease.  A situation that is so far beyond your control that there is nothing you can do but just sit, and wait, and trust and pray;  inspiration can seem to be really hard to find.  Many things that afore time may have inspired us, just doesn’t seem to do it anymore.  Even though the sky is still blue.  The leaves on the trees are still green.  The birds are still singing sweetly in their branches.  The buzz buzz and the scurry of little insects and animals are still going on; but you feel somehow, detached.   Alone.   You go through those dark and lonely places that we talked about a few month’s ago.  A place where it seems like you can’t find your way back from.  Yet, you take everyday, a day at a time, reaching.  Where is the connection?  Where is the help? That place of solace?  Who will hold your hand and walk you through the valley of the shadow of death?

Jesus walked this lonesome valley all by Himself.  Nobody was able to do it for Him.  Why then, do we feel that we are any different or any  better than He?  But it still doesn’t make it feel any better.  Oh, life is so wonderful when things are good.  When you are on top of the world.  You’ve got a little money in your pocket.  Relationships are working.  You’re experiencing a little bit of righteous living, and the prospects are looking good.  But have we forgotten in our moments of splendor to pray.  To seek the Lord.  To acknowledge our Father who art in heaven.  Who’s name alone is Holy and Reverent?  Is that why we have to revisit the dark and lonely places, so that we will remember?  Perhaps.  But sometimes perhaps not.  We serve a God that is good, loving, kind, faithful, just, wonderful, Holy, righteous, reverend, omnipotent, omniscient, Omnipresent, and all that and more.  He is not spiteful or vindictive or petty, and doesn’t punish you for having good things.  He GAVE you the good things.  As a matter of fact, He is so good, that He is down right, “The Bomb.” Yes, He may get a little jealous at times and have to remind us who we belong to, but what parent wouldn’t be.  Imagine if YOUR children professed their undying love to another mother or father right in front of you.  Or treated someone else like they were more important than you.  Or even talked to and called another man and woman, mom and dad.  Oh, I would be royally ticked.  Let me give you an example.  My oldest son was home for a few days from the service.  And my nephew who had initially came to see him stayed in the kitchen for the majority of the time talking to me because we do some business together.  But to both of our surprise and humor, my son stopped what he was doing in the other room, came into the kitchen, stood right in his cousins face, nose to nose and loudly proclaimed, “This is MY mother, and you don’t sit and talk to MY mother, cause we don’t share our mother.”  Well, we both laughed my nephew and I,  and my son may have been joking with his cousin, but my nephew took him seriously and followed him back into the other room, because I knew, that he was joking, but he wasn’t.  God does the same thing.  He proclaims to the enemy that, “This is MY child, my son/daughter, you will NOT harass them and say crazy things to  discourage them, cause I DO NOT SHARE MY CHILDREN!”  So, if this young man is unwilling to share his mom or dad with another person, why do we think that God should be so passive and share our love and devotion of His children with other gods, the things, that we have allowed to be Lord over him.   You have to figure out yourself what idol you have put in the place of the love and devotion that He deserves.   So, when I begin to sit and think about how awesome and incredible God is, and what He has ALREADY done for me in my life, EVERYTHING just seems to fall right back into place.  And the things that seemed to be weighing me down. those  little dark and lonely places just seem to dissolve and disappear.  INSPIRATION?  That is something that I should find everyday just from waking up in the morning.  For my feet hitting the ground, and for me being in my right mind.  And knowing that HE IS LORD OF MY LIFE.  God didn’t say that we would not have problems and burdens, He just said that He would make them easier to bear.  He did not say that we would not cry, but He did say that He would wipe the tears from our eyes.  And He did not say that weapons would NOT be formed against us, but He did say that they would not prosper.  You have got to learn to put what God is to UOU after YOUR name.  Deliverer.  Healer.  Provider.  Doctor.  Lawyer.  Friend.  Savior.  INSPIRATION?  GOD, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, IS MY INSPIRATION!  And that’s enough for me.

Now, let us know what YOU think,


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