Recently I spoke to a young woman who thought that she was going through quite a lot of devastating things in her life.  I allowed her to share and vent to me all the things that she felt were going wrong, and she expressed to me how she felt that people as a whole are basically phony, fake and judgemental, and that nobody else truly understood what she was going through and as a matter of fact, no one actually really cared.  And she felt that the reason nobody else understood or cared what she was going through was because nobody else was going through or had gone through the problems that she was going through.  I could not condemn her for her young tender age, and say “Oh, you’re just a baby.  You couldn’t possibly being going through all THAT much. ”  Her problems were real to her.  She felt like  she was alone.  Like no one knew or understood what was going on inside of her head.  Like she was in fact, suffering alone.  So, because she felt like she was alone, she chose to keep silent, internalizing her feelings instead of sharing her them.  The only problem with that is, eventually, in some way shape or form, you WILL vent, and all of those feelings are going to come tumbling out all at one time, because the anger has built up, because you feel like no one is listening to you anyway.    Like your opinion does not really count.   And you will not be able to handle the monsoon that comes forth out of you.  And it is at that moment that you may lose control. Then in your choosing to keep silent, when you bottle up those feelings and emotions and have hidden them deep inside of you, you eventually explode.   And more than you gets hurt in the wake of the rage that follows.  Things happen, things that will affect her for the rest of her life.  Feelings get hurt or damaging things get said that cannot be taken back, or cleaned away, but that are put out there in the atmosphere, and will last forever.  Oh, many times we are sorry after the explosion.  We can smooth it over.  But many times it’s too little, too late.

Perhaps if she had tried to talk to someone, if she had asked someone.  Just cried out in a wee small voice though exhausted from the battle, from the struggle, “HELP,” “HEAR ME,” “PLEASE LISTEN,” Someone would have listened.  Someone would have heard.  And she would have known that she IS NOT alone in this fight.  That she struggles not by herself.  That we do understand and have been through pretty much of the same.  We all have gone through our battles and have the scars and wounds to prove it.  So we can relate to what a wee small child of 16 years old, who is just in the beginning of her precious life, but maybe going through.  And if we can’t relate, we can still listen, and hug, and embrace, because we do care.  And we can let her know, there IS help in the struggle.  Woman-Child, Man-Child, You are not alone.  Understand this, That  which is, was.  And that which was, will be again.   So lift up your head dear one, for you are not alone.

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