Ok, I’m back here again, because there is something that I just don’t understand, and it is disturbing me greatly.  Try as I might, and believe me, I have tried so very very hard to understand it.  Oh, I must be rambling a little.  But here’s why.  I like to enhance and raise my level of thinking because I’m a firm believer that who or what you surround yourself with, and what you read or take in on a regular basis, will become the foundation for your success.  So, I was recently reading the Forbes Magazine Special Issue, which is entitled, “BILLIONAIRES-THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE RICHEST PEOPLE ON EARTH.”  This issue contains 1,426 billionaires, 210 NEW billionaires, 138 WOMEN billionaires, and the THRILLIONAIRE.  Their net worth totalling more than 5.4 TRILLION dollars.  And that was only 1500 of them.  Not even the millionaires were counted in this issue.  WOW!  Hey, it’s cool for people to have that kind of money, and nobodies angry or even jealous, more power to you, but somebody please explain to me these questions, “Why do we still have poverty?”  “Why are there still children starving right here in this great United States of America, the richest country in the world?”  “Why are there still people homeless, some still being misplaced from the natural disasters that put them in the situations that they find themselves in?”  “And why is that ok?”  Why?  For many, it’s not by their own choice that they find themselves in the streets begging bread.  Some know no other life, but some were forced into that life.

My friend went to McDonald’s yesterday night because she is a true friend, and I wanted a chocolate chip frape.  So she said, “I’ll go get it.”  She came back extremely upset, and when I asked her what was wrong, she told me that a little boy, no more than 7 years old was at McDonald’s, out in the dark, by himself, with no coat on, ragged thin summer clothes, in the 32 degree weather, begging for food and money.  She asked him was he hungry, but when she got out of her car to go into the McDonald’s to try to get the little one some food, he got frightened and ran off, because she was in a police security car.  When she told me, I also  got upset, because if anyone knows anything about me, I am an advocate for children.  When I was younger even a teen, I used to sit and watch the shows on television of the children in Africa and other third world countries, and I would not just cry, but I would weep for those little ones, and wish that I could just wrap them in my arms and  tell them everything would be ok, then send the money to fill their little tummies, and help make their lives better.  I have literally hundreds of children and young people, some adults now, that call me mom, momma or mommy that my  husband and myself have nurtured back to health.  Most times spiritual health in realizing who they are, and what their prophetic destiny is.  Some are teachers;  some are on their way to becoming lawyers, engineers, and world renowned Olympic track and field runners.  And I gladly embrace them all as my own.  We don’t have a great deal of money, but what we have, we have freely given, and have come out of our own resources to help these young people in whatever way we can.  We’ve sent money cross country, put money in bank accounts, bought things that they needed.  But not only that, we have sent money abroad to help the helpless in the third world countries as well, and will be proudly doing it again, as much as we can.  So when you tell me that a child is hurting, I get very very angry, and I want to know why, because they are our heritage.  Without them, we will wither away like the chaff that the wind drives away, and we will become no more.

So, somebody please explain to me again, what is the great significance of showing off all of the millions, billions and trillions that have been amassed by different individuals, when we are losing our heritage and are slowing dying away.  You say, “Oh, we will always have the poor with us.”  But I would pour out the precious little that I have for that not to be the case.  Not on my watch.  And not the children.  And I pray God make us rich, because we are going to show the world how it’s really done.

Now, tell us what you think,


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