“Are You Really Sorry, Or Not”

When was the last time you said “I’m Sorry,” and when you said it, did you really mean it?  Many times, people don’t take the time to say “I’m Sorry” in any way, form or fashion, and when they do say it they say it grudgingly, ungenuinly or sarcastically.  They don’t really and truly mean it when they say it, because the problem is, that they don’t really think that what they did was wrong, or they are really in the wrong for what it is that they are pretentiously, insincerely, and apethically apologizing for.

That is the same spirit that Cain had in the bible when he killed his brother Abel.  The very first murder that occured, because although he was taught proper, which meant that he understood perfectly what the proper sacrifice was, and how to make it, which meant it was not his first time making it, but he chose to do something different.  He chose to do his own thing.  So, first he was asked by God, “Where is your brother?”  And he sarcastically replied in so many words, “I don’t know, am I my brothers keeper?”  In other words, why are you asking me?  It’s not my job to look after him.  (when in fact, it is.  But that’s a whole nother story).  I believe, that if he had been up right with God, and had come genuinely and truly apologtic and sorry instead of trying to cover his sins, faults and short comings, with excuses and sarchasm no less, that perhaps God would have been a little more linient with him.  We have many many people with that exact same spirit today.  “The Cain Spirit.”  They would rather lie, make excuses and cover up with sarchasm, playing the blame game, instead of accepting the responsibility of their actions.  Have you ever had anyone do that to you?  Apologize to you, tut with a hint of sarchasm? Make excuses why they did what they did?  And shift the blame to someone or something else to get the focus and attention off of them?  I have.  So, the question this week is, was it a genuine apology?  Do you think They were really sorry?  How did the aledged aplogy make you feel?  And was your relationship the same after the counterfeit apology?

We want to hear what YOU have to say.


2 thoughts on ““Are You Really Sorry, Or Not”

  1. God did not ask for our opinions of others after they have repented. He set it up that way for a reason. People who say “I’m sorry” have virtually cleared their slate in the sight of God. God has truely forgiven their sin. Cain did not appologize, nor did he excuse his behavior, because he did not care.

    God’s word requires us to forgive other 70 x 7 each day. If you calculate that it comes to 490 times each day Unconditionally. This I believe teaches us about the grace that God has extended towards us. We can expect God to forgive us but we don’t want to extend the same compassion for others because they have slighted us. If we are to be forgiven (God Said) that we must be willing to forgive. Amen

  2. Mirror mirror on the wall….. Im speaking of you while looking at me. A sense of hurt, a sense of grief as i continually stand refusing defeat. When words talk badly. & your thoughts make your actions stab me. You say you Love me but continue to lash me father give me strength no fault… No blame. Only rep His name, His Grace, His Faith. Glory to God. Matt5:11

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