“Everyday Heroes”

Well, this is my first official post at this new site, and hopefully you will think it is as awesome as I do.

We see on television, a commercial where a woman get’s on the bus, but forgets her purse there on the bus bench.  A young man that was sitting next to her but NOT waiting on the bus but was just chilling and listening to his music on his headphones, sees her purse, picks it up and begins to run through different back ways and cuts, at first it looks like to steal the purse, but it is so he can get her purse back to her.  After running some distance, he catches up with her on the other side and gives her back her purse.  Surprised and shocked, she says thank you.  The police also sees the whole encounter and after following the young man to see what his intentions are, calls him over to the police car and commends him for doing a good deed.  Well, sometimes we are not so very fortunate as to have someone willing to assist us that way.  Unfortunately we live in a cynical world gone made where everyone seems to be looking out for number one.  Numero uno.  No one is willing to but themselves in harms way.  No one wants to step outside of themselves and come out of their comfort zones to help their fellow-man.  Everyone is afraid to step up and take up for another person in need.

Well, there is one young man who recently decided to stop being afraid and help someone else.  My 17 year old middle son was walking home from school one day last week when he observed a man tussling with a woman who was sitting in the bus stop, and the man was trying snatch the woman’s purse from her.  No one else would step up to assist this woman.  My son, after assessing the situation sized the man up and doing a quick scan to see if he had a weapon, stepped in and intervened in the situation.  He walked up and firmly asked the woman if she needed any help, and turned and asked the man what his problem was.  When the man realized that he was drawing attention by the questions, asked my son what he had to do with anything?  My son told the man to leave the lady alone or he would call the authorities on him.  When he realized that my son was willing and able to back up his words, and that the scene he was creating was causing other people to take notice who also became animated and suddenly also wanted to help,  he angrily stomped off, leaving the woman alone.  My son made sure that she was ok then proceeded to make his way home and we immediately contacted the proper authorities and told them about the situation.  My husband told him that next time make sure he was very careful when intervening.  Because that could have gone a totally different way, but the Lord was with him.  I believe God saw his heart and his desire to help this woman in her distress and aided him.  He also saw that even with all the other adults that were around, no one was courageous enough to stand up and help.  But one young man was.  That day, he was a hero.

Now here comes the big question.  We want to know,

What would YOU have done?


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