“Angels Among Us”

Are there really angels among us?  I believe that there are.  I have looked up and seen strange and different faces staring at me in wonder, or in knowing.  Faces that to me, seem to be completely out of place in any circumstance, or situation that I may find myself in.  Many times, I have felt the presence of someone accompanying me or guiding me or even protecting me.  My car miraculously moving from danger by some unseen force.  As a matter of fact, let me share with you, a story of that divine protection, then you judge for yourself.

About a year ago, I was on my way to church services on a Tuesday night.  It was raining just a little, but not that much.  I had all of my children plus one of the neighbor boys who just wanted to hang out with us that night.  We were coming around MLK Jr. Drive headed towards the freeway.  Suddenly, as we were coming up to the last St. Clair exit that comes down to MLK, a car came careening down the exit heading directly for us.  It was raining so he was hydorplaning and could not stop.  Now, I’m a pretty good driver and can avoid most incidents, but this was different.  If I had sped up I would have collided with him that much more quickly.  If I had slammed on my brakes it would only have delayed the inevitable, because he was coming at us fast.  I could not swerve to the right to try to avoid him, because there was a large pole and the creek ditch directly beside me, and HE was the only other alternative that was headed my way on the left.  I did not panic, but I must be truly honest with you, I was frightened.  And the thing is was that EVERYBODY in the car saw what was coming.  Just before he hit us I yelled out the name “JESUS!”  In that instant, my truck swerved to the right hard, all the kids screamed, and he missed my truck by precisely 1 centimeter, and I have no idea HOW he missed me.  And my car came to a stop on the other side of the pole.   “By all rights that car should have slammed directly into us, head on, but he did not.  And he just kept going, as if nothing had ever happened.

When I finally got my breath back and was shakily trying to calm the children down, asking everybody if they were ok, my daughter who was only 15 said, “Mom, did you see what happened?”  I said yes baby, we missed the pole didn’t we? Thank you Jesus.  She said, “No mom.  The pole is behind us.”  I again said I know the pole is behind us.  But she was very insistent.  She said again more loudly this time, “No mom, you don’t understand.  THE POLE IS BEHIND US, BECAUSE IT WENT STRAIGHT THROUGH ME!  I felt it pass straight through me!”  She was sitting directly in the middle of the truck.  As I looked behind us and saw the pole that we should have hit sitting directly behind us I realized what she was trying to say, and I was completely in shock.  God had allowed the pole to pass through my truck, through my daughter, and put it directly behind us.  Tears came to my eyes as I lifted up my head toward heaven and began to praise the Lord for His supernatural and divine intervention.  That incident was meant by the enemy to kill us.  But God blocked it.  That pole was supposed slam right into the middle of my truck.  But He had the Angels of God there and they stopped it.  So you ask me Are Angels Real?  I say YES, without a shadow of a doubt.

Now, tell us your story of your angel encounter,


One thought on ““Angels Among Us”

  1. I have had several angelic encounters……. The latest message i received… Is still broiling! Im so excited about what God is about to do… In my life! & the Kingdom of God! #Stay Tuned.

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