"The Season To Dream"

Well, it’s finally here.  The Holiday Season.  Christmas time.  A time of joy, laughter, food, family .  A time of giving, and yes even receiving.  A time of joy to the world, peace on earth, good will toward men.  Children waiting anxiously for the appearance of that beloved character that has become ficticious to those who have come of a mindset, and of an age when fairy tales and make believe no longer exist, if in fact they ever had in the first place.  Where “Once upon a time” is no more.  And where the imagination has grown old, cold and dim. 

Tis the season to be jolly.  Then why aren’t we?  Why have we become so posh and grown up that we have allowed our dreams, to become null and void.  Just because we dream of a white Christmas, the innocence of the days gone by, does not make our current vision blurry, or make us any less the important and significant individual that we in our quest for greatness, have become.  We’ve allowed the cares of this world; the responsibilities and duties that we have burden and weigh us down, and become so overwhelming that they have completely dulled our senses to the sweet innocense of this season.  The pureness, the delightfulness, and the beauty of this season.  Yes, this is the season that our King, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born unto us oh so long ago in a manger.  And yes, it is a Holy season for men and women, boys and girls everywhere, but go in your mind, if you will, a little futher, beyond even that.  For it is a season of wonder.  A time of delight.  A time to really enjoy one another and to reassess everything we have accomplished in our fragile little lives, thus far.  A time to be without grudges, resentments and grievances.  A time to shake off all of the weights and burdens that life has thrown upon us.  A time to allow our dreams to call out to us again.  And if we’ve gone too far, and can’t remember how to dream, how to make pretend, then what a pitty it is for you. 

So let the children dream.  Let them wonder and believe.  Let them be alive with the innocense of youth.  There is no harm in it.  We know what the truth is.  And life will be hard enough later on.  We don’t need to rob them and deprive the of their fantacies and  their whimsical dreams.  The cares of this life will catch up with them soon enough.  So for now, let them dream.

Now, tell us what you think.


One thought on “"The Season To Dream"

  1. I am in the middle of stepping out on faith and to believe God! About my future. Every obstacle that could come up has come up! However….. I know that this thing has been deffered long enough. Im gojng after everything God said is mine. And i will see ….turth revealed in me

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