"To Lead Or NOT To Lead" The Question Is, Are You A True Leader?

No one is in a place of position permanently, only for a season, so we should treasure it.  But, sometimes in our places, and places of authority, we tend to forget a few things.  Things like, who we are;  who chose us; and why we were called or placed in that position in the first place;  I promise you, that 95% of the time, we forget that we were orignally placed in that position to serve others, and not to be served.  Funny how things can get so twisted when we put ourselves and our needs above the needs of others that we have promised or sworn to serve.  Take public service for instance.  When you are elected or appointed or entrusted to a position, and you need the people to get behind you and support you in order for you to win.  You promise many things, hoping above hope to be able to accomplish all of what you have promised, but knowing in your heart that you will only be able to accomplish as much as the consensus or cooperation of your constituency will allow you to.  If there be no battle’s, no fights, no struggle’s, then maybe just maybe, you can get more pushed through than you ever dream or expect.  You ride in on a high that makes people believe that you can and will conquer the world for them.  People begin to finally know who you are; know you name.  know all about your life, public and private.  And it’s wonderful; mind boggling; breath taking. Finally, you, are the people’s champion.
Now, I’m not taking about our President, because he can only fulfill that which can be passed through an unbiased, responsive and cooperative congress.  But you can apply this to any leadership position.  Like Council persons, mayors, state senators,  congressmen or congress women, even church positions like Bishops, Pastors, Elders, Ministers, and even Worship Leaders and other positions.  Thats a different story. 

So, we become leaders.  But then time goes by.  And more time goes by.  And still more, time, goes by.  And you settle into what has become more or less, ordinary days.  Duty.  Obligation.  You become accustomed to the everyday mundane, the calls, the waves, the shout outs, the attention.  Suddenly, you stop waving back.  Oh, you didn’t see them.  You forget to return the calls, because you got just a little busy.  There are more important things on your agenda  than going back down THERE, where ever THERE just happens to be, or meeting with THEM, whoever THEM just happens to be.  Suddenly you change policy, add things to your agenda, you cut some things out that were essential before.  And it becomes painfully clear, that you have become much too important to deal with the ordinary people that just happened to be the ones that helped get you where you are now.  Funny, how things work out that way.  You no longer need the crowd.  You’ve made it and are now self sufficient, self reliant, and unfortunately, self absorbed.  Gone are the days of running from meeting meeting moving and hustling, hoping above all hope to get the votes of the people who matter most.  But guess what? You forgot that they (the ones you have been entrusted to serve) will ALWAYS be the ones that matter the most.  God did not place you in the place where you are to forget.

Do you need them now?

Let me know what you think.


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