"I Still Bring The Business With Me , And it Taste Like Popcorn!"

Awhile ago, I wrote about how everywhere I go I seem to be able to draw business with me.  Now I don’t normally write about businesses, but when I find something so totally amazing I can’t help but to share it, and hope that others will grab ahold of my enthusiam.  Why? Because I believe that it is time for Cleveland to become a united Cleveland.  Not Eastside and Westside, but all sides together.  WE have to rebuild Cleveland, and in so doing, it is high time for us to begin to support our local businesses.  WE are the only ones that can make this happen.  So this week I wanted to share with you a place where I have been recently that is absolutely fabulous.  And that is “CAMPBELL’S POPCORN SHOP.”  Located at 2084 W. 25 Street in Ohio City (Cleveland).  Just a few minutes walk from the Westside Market. 

Now, I’ve been hearing about this popcorn factory for almost a year, and for almost a year I have been saying, “I’ve got to go there.”  But I kept putting it off.  Why? Just pure procrastination.  Because when I finally got there, just this past Tuesday in  August 2012, I could have simply kicked myself for not having gone sooner.  The first day I went I took my 2 youngest children with me, both of who are teens, and when we walked in they thought that we had stepped into a dream world.  A dream world made of Popcorn and chocolate.  Popcorn machines were everywhere so that you could taste the different kinds of popcorn that was available.  And oh, there are sooo many flavors available.  From Strawberries and Cream, to chocolate; Cheddar and Bacon, to Dill Pickle; Cracked Black Pepper & Sea Salt to Beer popcorn.  Beer Popcorn? Yes, Beer Popcorn.  Carmel Apple popcorn and Vanilla Nut popcorn.  And of course their famous Dichotomy Popcorn which is their famous very cheesy cheddar popcorn mixed with their very delicious carmel corn.  And so many more.  Oh My Goodness.  I could not believe all the flavors of popcorn that actually taste like what they say it is.  But that’s not all.  They have thick creamy chocolate covered pretzels.  Yogurt covered pretzels.  Chocolate covered gummy worms and cookies.  Not to mention the gourmet cupcakes.  I was like a little kid in there tasting popcorn.  But, my biggest mistake was buying pretzels for the kids, and only 1 bag of popcorn for my husband and myself to share.  Needless to say, I was in the house for only 20 minutes and my husband had eaten the whole bag, stating that I had only left a little in the bag for him.  It was the whole bag.  He then called me from work that night and asked me to go back up there and get him another bag.  I told him, “Sweetie, they are closed.  Its after 9:00p.m.”  So the next morning he promptly got dressed and marched us all downtown on a family outing (including my 21 year old) to “Campbell’s Popcorn Shop” were he proceeded to buy 5 bags of popcorn for himself, 1 for me for the one he ate, and pretzels for the kids.  And guess what?  Before we even got rang up 2 more cars were pulling up with people coming into the popcorn shop.  Wow!  I’m telling you, we can revive our own city if we just support one another.  So, maybe this WAS an advertisment for Campbell’s, because I enjoyed being there, and they were warm and very friendly and reasonably priced.  And maybe next time it will be your turn.  Because truth be told, literally hundreds of people will see this post, on facebook, on twitter, in print in the Greater University Circle Neighborhood Voice,  that is distributed to 10 different neighborhoods throughout Cleveland, on their website, or on mine at http://truelifeexpressions.blogspot.com.  So I say to everyone reading this in whatever form, drop what you are doing and run, walk, drive, skate, rollerblade, jump on the rapid, a bus, lolly the trolly, take a horse and buggy, or drop out of an airplane, but get to Cleveland’s own “Campbell’s Popcorn Shop” and taste the best variety of popcorn in town.  It’s well worth the trip and you won’t be disappointed that you did. 
I promise.

Now, after you go get some popcorn or pretezels, hit us back and let us know what you think.  We look forward to talking to you soon.


One thought on “"I Still Bring The Business With Me , And it Taste Like Popcorn!"

  1. I just want to commend you for promoting other businesses on your blog page. I believe because you continue to do selfless things a door is opening for you to reveive of the fruit you have labored to keep. Your simply amazing.

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