"Not saying ANYTHING speaks volumns"

Did it ever occur to you that NOT saying something is just as bad or worse than saying the wrong thing?  In fact, your silence can be taken as non verbal consent or agreement. A friend of mine asked me this question.  They said that they had a friend, or an associate, who was engaging in what they thought was inappropriate behavior.  What type of behavior is not the concern or the importance of the sitution; the fact remained that the behavior was not correct or wholesome, so to speak.  Though not necessarily illegal.  And of course her friend felt the old humanist lullaby, that “As long as Iam not hurting anyone else it then it’s ok.”  Now, my friend wanted to know if the fact that they felt compelled to say something but out of fear or whatever other reason, did not, were they wrong?  I told them that whether it was a confiction in your heart to say something or not, the fact that you knew or even felt that the activity was wrong, or even felt uncomfortable about the situation and said nothing, can indeed be taken as your non-verbal consent or agreement to the situation.  Especially if you know truth.  But for the sake of not ruining a good friendship, said nothing.  What should she have done?

We wait to hear your response,


One thought on “"Not saying ANYTHING speaks volumns"

  1. She could have said somthing, but she didn't.It is the past, she can't go back.Neither can I, frustrated of the fact that I didn't say anything last Saturday night when a guy was asking his friends 'Do you know her? Who is this chick?', but I have let it go, though I learned from it.It was the first time that I didn't say anything, like, I could've said 'Hello, I am standing right here, we could introduce ourselves to each other instead of you asking almost every one of your friends who knows me who I am!', so yes, the first time and the last time.The next time I will get a chance to say something, I will take it!

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