"Just Speak Life"

I was thinking about something interesting this weekend while I sitting at UDF (United Dairy Farmer’s).  I love their ice cream.  Well anyway, when I first got there, there was only 1 car sitting in the parking lot.  But after I went in, and by the time my son and I had ordered our ice cream, the entire store was crowded.  People buying everthing, from milk to coffee, beer to chips.  EVERYTHING.  We went outside and most of the parking spaces were now taken, and more cars were pulling up as we pulled out.  Now, you may think that this was just something that was normal and happens all of the time; after all, it is a store, right?  Well, let me explain to you exactly what I KNOW happened. 

I happen to believe in the power of the tongue; you know, the power of positive speaking or walking and living by faith.  I believe with all of my heart that words have life, and that what you speak forth out of your mouth, will eventually but inevitably bring something to pass.  Either death or life.  Unfortunately, I also believe that there is negative speaking, belief or faith, just as there is positive speaking belief or faith.  I believe that you can chose to create and control your own atmosphere, thus changing and altering the circumstances or the temperature of your day just by speaking positive or negative things.  For example, I’ve found that EVERYTIME I would say that I was broke, that guess what?  I was broke.  I would literally not have 2 nickles in my pocket to rub together.  But when I started declaring that I was not broke, that my assests were just not liquid at that time, then I never went a day when there was not SOMETHING in my pocket.  When I would audibly declare that my day was going great, that I was well and not sick, I literally would have a great day, and would not get sick, not even with a cold, EVER!  But then, when I would say my kids are bad, or call them little knuckle heads, whether they heard me or not, something would happen at home or at school that would manifest my words.  EVERYTIME!  And it was all controlled by what I allowed to come out of my mouth. 

Now let’s get back to UDF.  A few years ago, I decided to “Take The Business” everywhere I go.  So every business that I frequented and enjoyed, I would declare as I pulled into the parking lot, “I Bring the Business With Me!”  And wouldn’t you know it, even if mine were the ONLY car that had pulled up either to the dine in, drive through, the post office or to go into a grocery or shoe store to shop, it doesn’t matter, everywhere, the results are ALWAYS the same.  At first when it started happening, my children thought that I was just a tiny bit crazy.  They would laugh and make little weird sounds, like I was a nut ball or something.  But then, when they saw it continued to happen, and STILL HAPPENS, that EVERYTIME, we went somewhere or go somewhere, we may be the only one in line or there may be 1 car in front of us, and suddenly one of the kids would say, “Mom, look behind us.”  And sure enough, we would look behind us and literally, a long line of cars would be behind us.  Once my daughter counted 12 cars that had pulled in behind us, and were all the way out to the street.  I simply turned back around, smile and say, “That’s because I bring the business with me, and this business is blessed, just for my being here.”  Now they believe me, because it happens so much.  Just because I have chosen to speak forth the blessings of God as I go, EVERYWHERE I go. 

Now,  tell me something that has happened to you, as you have chosen to  proclaim and speak forth the blessings of God, and goodness for you or someone else’s day.  How have you changed your day, or reshaped your future?  What have you spoken life to and it has prospered or increased?  Or what have you spoken life to that you need to go back and take back or recall? 

We want to, and we are listening.


2 thoughts on “"Just Speak Life"

  1. Amen Tracy Barnes. Speak life to those finances, and recall EVERYTHING that you have put out there negative about EVERYTHING!No more depression. No more worry. No more fear. In Jesus name! I speak health and wholness to your family, to your finances, and to you life. You ARE the redeemed of the Lord.

  2. Amen to everything you have said! There is power in OUR words. Life and death are in the power of OUR tongue – so why not SPEAK LIFE, who wants death; I DON'T!At this present moment my finances are not as liquid as I know it will soon be and I HAVE TO SPEAK LIFE to my finances despite what I see, despite what they look like now. Even when I ahead to realize I must take care of this – I gotta take care of that. I still won't allow myself to get down and depressed about my finances because THIS IS TEMPORARY! I don't want or need any stress in my life EVER and that's why I am staying positive and encouraging my ownself about my finances. This is definitely growth for me because there were times I would get depressed and worred about this and that, but not anymore. I have placed my faith in God and I will wait/watch my financial situation begin to flourish.I pay my tithes and offering and I know God sees everything and I won't be in this place for long in Jesus name!

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