"Bending the Rules"

Bishop T.D. Jakes said in one of his messages recently, that division comes from the lack of one vision.   Rules are put in place to keep us in order.  Barriers and order are important to the dismissal of chaos.  Barriers are good for us and for others.  That being said, why are so many of us rebels without a cause?  We bend the rules just enough to say that we are obeying them, but not enough to really be in truth.  We blend in, become chameleons taking on the characteristics of those we hang out with.  Adapting to our surroundings, so that we won’t be looked upon as being weird or different or strange.  We are out of order.  Just like the sign on a bathroom door in a public restroom.  Unable to be used. 

Order, or disorder is a learned behavior.  It is also a choice.  And it stands to reason, that if you love someone, you teach them to retrain themselves, and harness their spirits, least a great harm come upon them that maybe we can’t fix.  Because a man or woman, or boy or girl, who can not control or rule his own spirit will ultimately be OUT of control in every area of his life.  His/their homelife will be out of control.  His/their mind will be doubleminded.  His/their sex drive will be out of control.  And he/they will be unstable in all of his ways.  But a man that can rule his spirit, can rule the world.  We life in a world were we allow ourselves to be governed by our emotions.  We cast reason, rule and order to the wind, and allow ourselves to be consumed in whatever the passion of the moment is.  The one that is ruling your spirit at that moment.  We become frivolous  uncaring, and careless of the consequences that will occur from the action that we have chosen….Until we crash and come to the end of ourselves.   It is then, and only then, that we remember.  There were rules.  We had rules.  And then we start to ask the questions.  What were the rules?  What order should I have done this in?  Why should I have controlled myself or my emotions again?  And why is it again that I should have watched or guarded my spirit.  Oh yeah.  THAT was why.  That WAS there for a reason.  I remember now.   I shoulda listened.  I coulda avoided all of this.  I woulda done this differently if I thought first.   Is it too late to change what Iv’e done?  Can I take back what Iv’e said?  Can the damage that I’ve don be undone?  Will it ever get better again?  How could I have let this happen?  Can I fix this? 

Rules and order was established by God from the beginning.  He set forth rules or laws to govern us, to protect us and to keep us from killing each other and our nutty little selves.  Once we realize the order of God, and begin to bring our lives to order, follow his laws or rules that He has given us to live by, we will see our whole entire world  begin to be re-shaped, re-formed and transformed into something so awesome, so beautiful, and so incredible that you won’t even be able to believe it your self.  Your lives will begin to unfold and bloom as you become single-minded, intentional and purposeful in everything that we say and do; every decision that you make; considering the purpose and the plan that God has for your lives.  You will begin to realize and understand the greater purpose that has been purposed for you in your life.  You will begin to walk in dignity and integrity and authority.  And you will begin to purposfully fulfill the destiny that will transfrom your life into the greatness that you are to become.
So here is your question.

How can you stop all the rule and law breaking, get past all of the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s in your life, and begin to move forward to that prophetic destiny that has been purposed for your life?


Now, tell us what you have to say.


One thought on “"Bending the Rules"

  1. God set the standard and if we are to rise to the standard we have to do it his way. Surrender is sort of like the commercial for Burger King "Have it your way". We have to ask and allow God to have it his way. "Not my will but yours, Not my way but yours, I will obey". Then we can get out of our own way and see the salvation of the lord. This standard is like the old "plumbline" that the builders have used for thousands of years. It helps you to know that whatever you are erecting will be absolutely plumb ( or straight). You suspend it from the air and no matter where you are standing it will fall in an absolute straight line to show you exactly where your line should begin. This prevents bowing, warping and leaning in the buildings, boats, and walls so that they won't turn out like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Our Plumbline is the word of God. Sometimes the builder is faced with a teardown because the building is not plumb.It is hard to tear down and start from the beginning, but it is necessary because, if you continue to build on the unplumbed wall it comes out lopsided and those who see it will wonder if you didn't know better and will often call into question your credintials. For sure you wouldn't be the one that they seek out to ask for advice or assistance.(What is our purpose if we cannot be of assistance)?Gods word is right and everlasting, and does not change. It is a road map that leads to the straight path. We can trust it, believe it, lean on it, and depend on it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWS2p1gHOCo&feature=related Vgross

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