God created us to carry out His devine purpose on this earth.  When He did, He blessed us and told us to be fruitful, and multiply, and have dominion over everything.  Dominion is defined as = Sovereign rule, territory or government.  That means, we are the owners, the rulers or the proprietors of this physical earth.  But, how can we have dominion or be the proprietors of this earth, if we cannot have power or dominion of our own souls, our own minds, and our own spirits.
Even our own bodies.  But the issues and problems that we have controling our thoughts, our bodies, or our lives go much deeper than the superficial “Stuff” that we allow the world to see.  We get gridlocked, or stuck on “Stuff.”  Not able to move further, because we refuse to let go of  the “Stuff.” And because we can’t move forward and can’t go backward, we can’t grow.  Then we can’t fulfill our purpose and our prophetic destiny that has been set forth by God. 
We begin to feel deficient.  Lacking of some essential.  Imperfect.  Faulty and with holes or gaps.  Inadequate.  Wow!  It can literally parilyze you.  Then we begin to hear, and listen to the other voices.

But let me let you in on a little secret; How you feel about what is said about you or your situation does not matter.  It’s what the word of God says that stands.
You need to get your word and do some reaserch and find out, “What did God Say.”
THAT, is the final answer.  And that’s how the enemy tricks us, because he can present to you cold hard facts, but he CAN NOT present to you the truth.  So here are the facts;  you WERE a sinner.  But the truth is, you ARE saved by grace, according to Ephesians 2:8.  The fact is you WERE guilty and SHOULD have been convicted.  The truth is that you are ARE NOT condemned,  according to Romans 8:1.  The fact is, your righteousness and all the good you try to do IS as filthy rags.  But the truth says, in Isaiah 1:8 that though your sins be as scarlet, they SHALL BE made white as snow.  The fact is that many of our thoughts are NOT correct, NOT pure and are NOT holy.  But the truth of Gods word according to Jeremiah 29:11 is that He (God) has thoughts of good and not of evil toward US, to bring us to an expected end.  Wow!  He actually sits and thinks about us!  The fact is that we ARE in the fight of our lives, and our flesh is EVER before us.  But the truth according to Galatians 2:20, is that WE ARE crucified with Christ; nevertheless, WE live.  The fight is fixed.  We win!!!

Always remember 3 things.  1.  Never live beneath your priveledges looking at or 
                                                   listening to other people.  WHAT DID GOD SAY?

                                              2.  Your present condition can not CAN NOT or DOES 
                                                   NOT dictate your future potential in  where God is 
                                                    taking you.
                                                   You don’t know WHERE you are going, but he WILL
                                                   bring you to an expected end.

And lastly, but by no means least,

                                              3.  It’s not whether the devil speaks to you or not, cause
                                                  he will; It’s how you ANSWER him.
                                                  SPEAK THE WORD OF GOD!

Now, let us know what YOU think.



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