"A Time for Healing"

It’s for healing in our lives.  In the book of Exodus the 12th. Chapter, After many plagues being put on him and his people, King Pharoah finally let the children of Isreal go.  And at that point the Egyptians were urgent and in a hurry for them to leave.  And the Egyptians said in the 33rd. verse, “We be all dead men.”  They knew that those people had been being held against the will of the sovereign God.  So they were in essence pushing them out.  But when they left and they left their old way of life behind them like God had instructed them.  Their old attitudes.  Their old mindsets.  Their old ways of thinking.  Their old ways of life.  They let all of that go.  They did not go out empty handed, they went out blessed.  It says in the 35th. verse that the children of Israel borrowed of the Egyptians jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment (clothes.  Beautiful elaborate clothes).  And they lent them everything that they required.  They literally spoiled or ravaged, the Egyptians.  The children of Isreal literally walked out of Egypt with a whole lot more than what they even originally went in with.  They walked out rich, because they obeyed God through the man of God.  God didn’t talk to them, He talked to Moses, and he conveyed the words of God to them.  Even with Moses initially making every excuse in the world why HE was not qualified to lead the children of Isreal out of Egypt, (I scared.  I can’t speak well.  They won’t listen to me.  Who am I?  And on and on),  God still got them WHAT they needed to succeed in the wilderness and got them WHERE it is that He wanted them to go.  They left a land of poverty, hard labor and slavery, only to go to a land of no lack.  To that rich and prosperous place.  A land flowing with milk and honey.  The promised land. 
Its time to leave the past behind us, or as I love it when Pumba on the children’s annimated movie, “The Lion King” says, “Leave your behind, in the past.”  But the time is short.  The word of God says, the time is at hand, even closer than when we first believed.  The anger; the hurt; the pains; the unforgiveness; the disappointments; the annimosities; EVERYTHING!  It is time to let it go, and move on with our lives.  If the children of Israel had not left Egypt, they would never have seen the promised land.  It’s time for us to leave Egypt behind.  It’s time for us to allow the slavery of our minds, souls and spirits to be released.  Everthing that is holding us.  Everything that is binding us.  WE must let it go, so that we can see, the Promised Land.  If we are unwilling to move forward, then we will be left behind.  And we will remain enslaved in our hearts and minds.  It’s time for healing in our hearts, minds, bodies, souls and spirits.  Literally.

Now, tell us what you think. 


5 thoughts on “"A Time for Healing"

  1. This is the time for healing in Matthew 9:37 Jesus our king declares "the harvest is plentiful but he labors are few." He knew that what He had to offer would bring life and healing to everyone who would receive. Healing is still avalible today;but only by the diliberate contact with the healer(king)will we experience these great kingdom attributes. Hosea 4 declares that "my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge". The world says "what you don't know wont hurt you" but God says what you don't know can ultimalely destroy you, who will you believe? Matthew 6:33, instructs us to seek the kingdom. Why? There you will find healing and everything else you need. Walmart, would like you to think that that is their ideal, but it is the kingdom way. This is not a bandaid on a serious wound but, healing at the soruce. When you treat the soruce with the right medicine the symptoms must go. Seek the kingdom,not religion, find out for yourself. Jesus(Yeshua) is Christ and He is Lord. With the knowledge of the kingdom you can tell hurt, sickness, poverty, and death as Glenda form the "Wizard of Oz" told the wicked witch of the east,"Be gone you have no power here". Constance (Loyal) Eunice(Good victory)

  2. The man by the pool of Bethesda layed there for many years, making the excuse that "someone else would get to the blessing before he could." One would think that if it was his desire to be changed, after all of those years, he would have found a way to make it to the area so that he could receive his blessing. When Jesus came and saw him he asked him "WOULD YOU BE MADE WHOLE?" which is in today's language, "Is it your desire, will you allow yourself to be made whole?". So will you?"Be healed, and set free in the name of Jesus".Vonnie G.

  3. Wow, what a topic…. so I am in this process right now! I realize that things come up in our lives that need to be healed and resolved. When elevation is present freedom always reaches to pull you out! The question is…. do we really want to be free frm whatever? Sometimes God will take some things from you to grow you and sometimes to show you just who you are! The children of Isreal wished that they were back in bondage several times! Why! Because there was a comfort of dependancy present. But oh when we lean and trust God! He can really show us some things. We are the biggest blockersof our own healing and break throughs. And IF God closes, postpones or suspends whatever… trust that he is making that very thing bettr just for you! The greatest lession I've learned theselast month or so is patience. It is an aquired skill…. as soon as I stopped fighting myself andmy own selfish "Right Now" desires then I could really be strong and guess what? The enemy will have noting to hold on to, those things that make you feel lone, orlike your promise has been forsaken. No no no….. just being made better! Be Blessed!

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