Why is it that so many people take such pleasure in putting other people down.  It’s called “Throwing Stones.”  As I listened to Pastor Ed, from ABT this past week, I realized that this is a problem that dates way back, even before Christ.  There is a saying that says, “People who live in glass houses, should not throw stones.”  You allow people into your lives; you share your every personal and private selves with them; you befriend them, not allowing yourself to focus in on the large and vast amount of baggage that they themselves carry around with them refusing to let go of, only to have your life and your integrity put under a microscope of evaluation, to have bitter remarks begin to be made from the selfless extension that you have made of our lives and your family. 
God gave us examples of times when we should actually throw stones.  In the bible people threw stones as judgement, to kill a person who had offended or broken the law to various different degress.  Whereas, King David literally hurled a stone at the giant Goliath, knocking him out and killing him with his own sword.  But, Goliath was an enemy or an example of the devil.  We SHOULD throw stones at and ultimately destroy our enemy which is the devil, but not at our friends.  Not at our family.  Not at each other.  And most definitely, not at the ones we say we love or care for.  It is a travesty when we allow ourselves to get to the point where we cannot be trusted to be let into the intimate lives of others.  Where you go in, to scout out and look around or listen, for something to use for amunition later.  And we take what we have seen or heard or have been told in the utmost confidence, and begin to use it for our benefit.  To cover our flaws and inadequacies.  SHAME ON YOU!  God forgive you for the self centered breach of trust that you have allowed to happen.  For you allowing yourself to dare to open your mouth against you beloved brother or sister, because YOU thought that YOU were justified and righteous enough and without SIN enough to do so.  And we use social media’s like Facebook, Twitter and Texting to spread our venom, and cover our own selves.  That is not of God.  And if we ARE the ones who are throwing stones; gossiping, talking, backbitting, bring down, demeaning or belittling our brothers and sisters, we need to go back, take another long hard look at ourselves, and wonder very seriously, if we have been truly regenerated by the word and the works of our Lord.  There is no question today.  Only this statement of fact that was pressed upon me by the Lord.  This is my opinion.

Now, let us hear what YOU have to say.


9 thoughts on “"THROWING STONES"

  1. I believe in my spirit that a true relationship on both parts will solve every issue and every problem that will arise in our lives. He does not promise to take away our burdens, but He does promise to make them a whole lot easier for us to bare. Try, just try, to let God back into your life and watch and see if he does not change things for you and whoever else is in need of a change in their lives. Truly trust Him, and I promise you, your life will never again be the same.

  2. I believe that some people/christians are not ready to be totally committed. Meaning dieing to self! I have witnessed some christians ganging up on or against others because they have chosen to walk and live a life holy and exceptable unto God. Romans 12:1 says "I beesech you bothern by the mercies of God that you present your bodies…. a living sacrafice, holy and exceptable unto God which is your Resonable service" so your telling me that holiness and righteous living is a requirement ???? Yes it sure is!!! And the more we resist temptation and decrease God increases. The true issue "I Believe" comes when one christian may want a nickles worth of God and someone else wants a dollars worth, and people get offended because they have not pressed to obtain the desired positon in Christ Jesus! Now yes some people do operate in another spirit and no Love or truth is present but the are the first to spit, slob and do flips for show!Then there are the True worshipers where they worship the Lord in spirt and in truth. And true Power and Demonstration are displayed in their ver presence! In conclusion… we have to coose how far we want to go! God will not deny a son of Gos who presses after him with all their might and all their strength! I'm going o venture to say… that IF stones are being thrownat you!?? Keep doing what your doing, keep pressing in, keep fasting and praying keep loving and encouraging. You dear sir or madam are right in the middle of elevation!The Level of your elevation in the spirit … is depended upon your level of belief in who God sayd he is to you, according to the scriptures…~Quote Apostle Richard Bunkley 2012~Be encreased men and women of God!

  3. Dear both Anonymous', I wont be able to post either comment. This is a place to find answers and solutions to problems, not to keep them going or to throw our own personal stones. If it is help that you seek you have come to the right place. But if its just to keep the problem going, then this is not the right place for you to be. Allow God to soften your hearts so that the healing can begin. That, we can help with. Are you ready for the hurting to stop and the healing to begin?

  4. She is not my aunt she is my sister…I am sorry I do love her, it is one sided, her anger towards me it goes much deeper…that was just an excuse for her not to talk to me she has always look down on me…that is just her! The abuser is my niece…and yes she does try to speak to me…I don't care to have anything to do with her (she is still doing the same thing and getting worse) why I don't is because I was the one enabling her as long as I provided for the kids she continue to use drugs (money they got from the government, she did not work and was capable but stayed home to watch talk shows and soap operas all day and high at night)everybody else I still have a relationship with yet they stop with her when they saw me stop (accept her mom and its is limited to talking to her granddaughter) and oh her sister which is limited cause she only calls her for money! Yes she uses people even the so called aunt who don't speak to me, she called herself taking her to church she only went to get a gas card the church gave it"s members.Yes I do believe it will come to an end…God have mercy on her! and I am not saying this out of bitterness and vengenous…I am saying this so he will take her under his wing and get her the help she needs that I was not able to get for her!

  5. It does't matter what she think of me the relative who don't speak to me after the incident three years ago…the abuser tries to but I have nothing to say to her (trust is broke I thought I was helping the children, I knew she had a sustance problem but fought out it went deeper when I temporary stayed with her and she knew I was going to call (she has had somebody call on her several time and she knows that she is doing wrong but she wants people to support her kids while she continues on this wreckless path) her own parents knew and other family members also stay away and don't have nothing to do with her now, yet she keeps on and is getting worst. The power of prayer do works and I just pray that a solution comes soon before the girl gets molested like the mentally challenge younger adult (who is using drugs to get rid of the pain of being molested twice when he was under 7, and then as a teenager(he was slipped something and possibly high on something else (he spoke weed at least 2x a day)so when you say talk less I can't cause this young man is hurting and need help bad. I sorry keeping things in the closet does not work when it comes to abuse, molestation, and neglect!I do still love my sister even though she does not speak to me…that's something she has to work out herself…I don't care to be involved with someone who thinks that we suppose to support her financially while she blows her money.Bishop TD Jakes said it best when he said "Relationship that are built on money is doomed from the start".. So best of luck to her and God Bless her!

  6. I believe that the definition of a christian is that we are all sinners, saved by grace. The word of God also says that all have sinned and come short of the grory of God, which means that none of us is perfect or without faught. But sometimes I believe that we christians forget that fact. We tend to feel that once we have confessed christ as our personal savior, that gives us the right to look down our noses at everyone else using christianity as our excuse to do so. But if you really listen to the word of god you would know that It also says that we draw one another to christ through love and kindness, and also that once we have become strong we are to strenghen our brothers, not trying to bring them down. To the first anonemous responder I encourage you to pray for your aunt and your family situation that God would be in control of it. Don't forget that your aunt is still human even though she is a christian. that means she is going to make mistakes and bad judgements as you will to, but that is the beauty of the grace of God. He overlooks all of our faughts, mistakes and stupidity, and continues to love us anyway. So continue to show your aunt the love that you have always shown her, don't pass judgement on her, because you don't know where her mind is at in this situation or how if she is struggling with how to make the right decisions concerning your family. Put it in the hands of God and trust him to handle things the right way for you. I pray for your peice ofmind in this situation, but remember that you are not alone because God know the situation and he cares enough about you to fix it.

  7. The first thing that we need to do is to crucify the flesh so that our personal feelings don't influence others negatively. Secondly we need to remember that people are made of and tend to walk after the flesh,and will fail from one trial to the next. NOBODY is perfect. We continue to emerse ourselves in the Word of God so that we come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and we pray in order to be effective in word and deed. Offense is a trick of the enemy to distroy us. The things that we do to help others are often overlooked and minimized. And some times those things are even forgotten. But IF our motives are right, what people say or do will not matter because you are not trying to get a pat on the back, you are trying to save the children. Most people will not stand up for what is right. They just stand on the sidelines until something major or tragic happens and then they come with sorrow and the tears and the shoulda, coulda, woulda's.As far as the abuse situation goes, you knew that was going to be met with opposition. Especially after you had to call in the authorities. NO one wants to take the blame until all of the dust has settled. What you did was the right thing, even if they never speak to you again. I want you to be encouraged, Pray more, talk less and love everyone.V. Gross

  8. Dear annonymous. Everybody has a right to their own feelings and convictions. It is not only your right to report the abuse of the children, but it is your responsibility. If you knew that these children are in danger and you follwed your heart, then your heart was right. No child should have to suffer abuse of any kind. But always know, that with every action there will be an opposite reaction. I had a similar situation were I needed help and everyone turned their back on me. So I understand where you are coming from with your anger and frustration. But never allow someone elses confusion to become your confusion. YOU stay focused on what YOU know is right. You quoted a scripture in your response. I would encourage you to go back, and find out what else the Lord said concerning dealing with people. Because that will help you to stay focused on the right and not lose sight of YOUR purpose, despite anything anyone else chooses to do or say. I pray this helps.

  9. My question is who gives so called christians to judge me….I have a relative who is in the church for over 35yrs (suppose to be saved, santified and feel with the holy ghost so she claim) I have a relative who was abuse, neglecting her children I called child service on the relative (because I believe it was the right thing to do( these kids did not have adequate food,no clothes (they had to share the clothers that I bought one the other was a small girl)uutlities was being cut off…) the parent was using the money to take care of her drug use, the boys she got them hooked on it (not to mention one was going to school the other was not)and the house they were living in was foreclosed.) I told the relative about my plans and called…in respond they stop speaking to me and did not want me in their house…what is a trip to me they called child service on their son's baby momma for not having a running toilet. These kids did not have beds and was going hungry if it wasn't for me buying food. She still barely speak to me now…What give them the right to say anything about me…yes she is talking to others about me…the parent of the person who is abusing and neglecting children said good somebody needed to report her …but it's her child why didn't she???I love children and it is sad that nobody else did nothing just stood by and talked…I believe in action..No child should have to worry about where their next meal will come from, or will they still have the same place tomorrow to go to (and will they have utilities) and why did their parents care about them…Why do they call them F******* retarts or dumb b****. Or get slap and accused them of stealing when they can't count their money. My soft spot is children and as an aunt I believe it is my job if the parent, grandparent is neglecting/abusing them to intervene…Am I wrong for calling??And how can this so called Christian be on the side of the abuser…How can they sleep at night knowing about these poor kids…It reminds me of the saying "He whose without sin let them cast the first stone". This person is not acting so Christian like to me!

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