"Moral Absolutes, or Absolutely Moral." Is this a generation of Hopelessness?

We have a whole generation with no moral absolutes. 
a  moral absolute is = The is the concept of an unconditional reality which transcends limited conditional everday existence.  It is sometimes used as an alternate term for
“God.”  It is the stand in which you take that you will not let down for ANY reason.

Now that is the dictionaries definition, not mine. 
Starting from the babies who scream at their parents, have temper tantrums, falling out in the middle of floor and throwing objects like toys, telling their parents to “Shut up,” or “Leave me alone.  Spitting on people; sticking their tongues out at people.”  I litterally heard a child 2 years old saying this to her mother.  the only thing that I could say was, “Someone, please get me a belt, a switch or a paddle or something.”  The will of that was so strong, that by now mom does not know what to do with her.  This happens far too often.  No moral values being instilled in that child at all. 
Then we have the younger ones, ages 13 and  up, who feel like they are due a respect that they have not yet earned.  And they have actually said that, when we have had to de-escalate situations and we ask the young person why it is that they are so angry in the first place, the first thing they say is that “They don’t respect me.”  Respect you? You are 14, 15, 16 through 18  years old and you feel like someone owes you some respect?  Respect is something that is earned, not just given.  And you don’t get it just because you think you should.  They also feel like they can say whatever is on their mind, to whoever they need to say it to without any penalties or reprocussions.  Never mind that it is an adult.  They feel like they have earned the right to say whatever is on their mind, and you have to listen and respect them for it.  Gone are days that they hear the instruction of their elders or any other authority figure, and they heed to that instruction. They know everything.  And you can’t tell them what they don’t know.  Until they hit a brick wall that is.  Then they come running to us for help.  No moral values, no moral fiber.
Then we have this group 19-30, who are still trying to find themselves.  Find yourself? How have you gotten so lost that you have to struggle to find out who you are.  You knew who you were when you where a child.  You knew exactly what you wanted to be and do.  “When I grow, I want to be…” What happened?  How did you get so side tracked?  Part of it is that they have no moral absolutes.  They ride in between the line.  They are doubleminded and unstable.  They can’t make a solid decision and stick to it.  They need verbal affirmation from friends or whoever they can get it from, for everything you do.  They are wishy washy, as we used to call it.  And most would not even make it own their own if they were pushed into that position.  Unlike the generation before, who were solid.  Steady.  Who at 18, 19, 20 and 21 had already made a decision to get married, raise a family, pay bills and take on the responsibilities of an adult.  Who knew how to handle finances, balance a check book and care for more than just themselves.  That generation drew a line in the sand.  When they believed in Christ, they believed totally and completly.  This generation does not know WHAT they believe in.  One minute they are professing their love for Christ, the next minute they are cursing you out, trying to fight you and trying to go to the club.  THAT, is NOT having a moral value or moral absolutes.  THAT is straddling the fence and being unstable in all your ways, as the doubleminded man that the word of God speaks about.  And THAT brings you to destruction, lack and poverty, being outside the will of God.  And THAT brings us to the question of the day, and it is a simple question.

Why is this generation so much more wiser, but so much weaker than the generations before?  How can we change that? And, where is YOUR line in the sand?  Where are or WHAT are your moral absolutes?

Now, tell us what you think.


4 thoughts on “"Moral Absolutes, or Absolutely Moral." Is this a generation of Hopelessness?

  1. I agree sometime jail is not the right answer,jail often become away of life for them (repeated offender), I am not sure how to stop this behavior…therapy for drug abbuse and mental problems…we don't know what happen that may the child get this way…I believe in deleting the problem…most kids are a victim of their environment/class…in other words they do what is familiar to them…

  2. Well I am going to stay optimistic about are young people…it always get darkest before dawn…I believe children need direction (spiritual) I am kind in between old school and new school upbringing (more old school). When I was growing up we were told children should be seen and not heard. We knew are place and kept in our place or we knew what concequences we faced if we step out of line. We were told to respect and respect our elders (once again or we would be dealt with right then). Growing up around my grandparents (who I might add was older than 30, back then grandparents was at least in their 50's and had some wisdom to pass on) I listen to all the old stories and was thankful they lived long enough to past down their knowledge. In todays world parents are as young as 12yrs old, parents barely 30 (which in my opinion haven't been raised themselve before they got pregnant(how many 12yrs old no what they want or planned their future???)We have to many bad influence out here (drugs, sex, and violence) that we need to get in control…they made it where pregnant teenagers don't have no reprecussion on their action, pros and cons of making things easier ( I am not saying these resources should be available, but they do need to set up something so it want happen again.)More communities should get involved with these kids and young adults now, as an aunt of 32 or more (my nieces's and nephews's friends as well ( I believe in getting involved with the children's friends that is the best thing you can do is know who they are rolling with..lol), talk to these young folks let them know that you care…tha't what a lot of these children need is to know someone love and care about them. I don't have no children ( I am in my early 40's) but have enough love and time to share with any one of my nieces and nephew and adopted relatives (their friends call me auntie too)and they know that they can call me anytime to talk.

  3. Wiser? No not wiser but rather more equip,having unlimited options, unlimited resources and unlimited choices. The backlash that we see, this generations failures, I believe are the repercussions of making the wrong choices. And most importantly, having the nerve to make them WITHOUT GOD and HIS INSTRUCTION. Life is bringing more people to their knees because that is how law works in order to bring them around to realizing our need for GOD. As long we choose, as a society and world , to ignore or rebel against God's Order in the world.. Chaos and disorder will infest and grow just as predicted Thousands of Years Ago (BIBLE).Everything will play out as planned. The only way to hinder the process is to inform and educate young people and older people of how they are being taken advantage of by satan and his demons LITERALLY in a very real way that is becoming more and more obvious to people who have a bit of a clue. Media, News Sources, Music etc are all direct sources to program you, the kids and the few generations to come. The BIBLE was quite literal when it talked about us not battling flesh and blood here. Some people don't know how Real that is. Ear Gates and Eye Gates???? Yeah Literally, we've let all kinds of demons in not even having a clue. Some places to start with educating oneself includehttp://vigilantcitizen.com/Check out music industry and Movies and TV business there.Then branch off and do your own research elsewhere for more in depth understanding.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQJyPkSjuZEhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icKIWW1EcuYhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Otti-82jEAcResearch Svali, John Todd morehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-6jPCF7tEU&feature=fvsthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hdz5KunxWOEDave Chappelle There is PLENTY more information out there people. Stop consuming this stuff AT ONCE

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