"What Kinda World Do We Live In?"

We live in a world gone mad.  A world that is calling wrong right, and right wrong.
A world where someone that is angry or disgruntled can take a gun and shoot as
many innocent people in their path as they possibly can, then turn the gun on themselves.  Hurting not just themselves, but hurting and wounding families, tearing them apart and leaving them crushed in the wake of their selfish destruction.
A world where little children, girls and boys, can’t even walk around or play in their own neighborhoods anymore, for fear that some deginerate, some sexual preditor may grab them, take them away from the safety of their families and homes, abuse them, and then eventually, fatally wound them. 
A world where our young people can’t even take a  walk down the street or go to school safely, for fear that someone will mistake them for someone else, or even have an ought against them for some ridiculous and incomprehensable reason, and gang jump them with 7, 8, 9 or even 15 people, or shot them, and leave us with 1 more fatality.  A world where a child can’t even go to the store for a bag of skittles without being accused of being a thug and a robber, and then getting shot in the chest by a vigilante wanna be, and being left for dead in the streets.  Another potential leader, a great mind or a prophetic destiny left unfulfilled, now resting in the grave, prematurely.  A world where teddy bears and balloons and flowers are strung up around trees and light post; signifing the loss of a dearly beloved one.  No matter what they’ve done. Good or bad.  Right or wrong.  We still honor them.  We still celebrate them.  Why?
A world where our women, young and old, fear everyday, not just for their lives, but for their bodies being brutally used and abused against their wills.  The perpertrator not seeming to understand the meaing of the word “No.”  And if the perpertrator is not caught, the burden of proof lies on her whether she is tellling the truth or not about being sexually assualted.  Especially if they were on a date at the time.  Gone are the days of carefree shopping at the mall.  Lunch, or dinner and a movie in the safety and company of friends.  Women are now instructed to take someone, preferably a young man, with them when they go out.  Especially at night.  Fear.
A world where if you catch someone coming out of your house, after robbing you, and you shoot them, you are the one that can be arrested.  You are the one who will be charged as a criminal, and you are the one who will go to jail.  With the possibility that you can be sued for shooting them, for robbing YOU.  Wow!!!
A world where even though you are found guilty of a crime, you still experience the luxery’s of 3 square meals a day, televison, internet, weight lifting, libraries and are able to get an honest to goodness real diploma, associates, bachelor’s, and even masters degree in whatever field of study that you choose, on tax payer dollars.  But the law violates the constitutional rights of a convicted felon, if it does not give them a punishment that is NOT cruel or unusual.  The right of access to parole.  And the right NOT to be discriminated against.  They MUST be treated humanely.  Wow!
A world where we think, that if we turn and look the other way, perhaps all this, everything will go away.  It will change.  It will get better, and then, we won’t have to deal with the reality of what we’ve come to as a society.  We live in the most blessed Nation on the planet. We live in the most democratic society or regiems in the world.  And this great Nation was founded on a principle; that “In God, We Trust.”  Hmmm.

So here is the question,

Is it a possibility that we have been given too many freedoms?  Is it possible that in this “Land of The Free and Home of The Brave,” that we have begun to take our many freedoms for granted?  Are many people abusing their “Freedoms, and do you think that maybe just perhaps, some of those freedoms should be revoked?”  How, if at all possible, can we re-capture what we’ve lost as a Nation in trying to please and apease the masses, with so many Freedoms, and re-gain control of the criminal elements in our society?  How can we get back to our founding principle?
Or, can we?

Now, let us hear what you have to say.


2 thoughts on “"What Kinda World Do We Live In?"

  1. First, What kind of world do we live in? Hmmm…My world is different from your world but yet they are the same. I grew in this "Land of free and home of the brave" and have seen plenty of people being sent off to fight not just for our Country for other Countries. But I think what gets lost is the fact that our war here at home NEVER ever goes away. It's 24/7, it's in every city, every state, across the whole country. We can look over the world and pick out the Wars that are going on but the Wars here are so many and so close together it is like a big web that connects each and every one of us in some way. Our Country was FOUNDED on the premise of freedom, that we would treat one another with a sense of respect but somewhere along the way it was lost. How far back would we have to go back to actually BLAME someone? How could we possibly find them? I think we all try to instill in our children that the Freedoms that we have were worked for. We do live in a spoiled Nation, Oh boy do we ever! But let's take the average American and make them Homeless then "Home of the Free" gives a whole new meaning. That person is no more free than someone bound, gagged, and tied up. Your question was did I think that we have lost control of our Freedoms in this Country? Absolutely. As you said our children cannot safely play outside anymore or even take a walk for fear they will be abducted. This recent unnecessary killing of this child just Northeast Orlando. He was just walking in the neighborhood talking on his phone to his friend. A neighborhood watch guy thought this child had a weapon, IT WAS A CANDY BAR for crying out loud! AND HE SHOT HIM! He said he felt he was he was in fear for his life. On the 911 call he has no fear in his voice, it is very monotone. What is the answer?…..I will tell you the answer…one word….GOD! Just Sayin'

  2. I believe we can by building more prisons and making them serve their true sentence, we have so much over crowding in prisons that is one of many reason we have repeated offenders…we need to take back our youths and put punishment (in my day we got paddled,kids today call Child services on us if we give them a swat on the buttocks) back in school.Power of prayer can help as well (notice how when they start taking God out of the schools and etc.. (pledge of alligence we used to say everymorning before school started))…another cause is teenagers having kids and now they are grown and they defend their children when they are wrong…absent fathers in these kids life, no recreation (chores,parents need to make sure they have something to do after school ( the old saying goes, an idle mind is the devils playground)We as a communtiy need to fight for our youth and community…and tell the violators we are not going to stand by and let you take another person life start block watches again…the idiot who kill that young man was out to prove something to his self.

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