"A Day at The Poles" "It’s Your Choice. Make it Carefully"

I went and voted in the primary’s on last Tuesday.  “Super Tuesday” they call it.
It is the day that the political parties decide who will be running against one another in Novembers big Presidential Election.  After talking with a several people, it occured
to me that some people don’t even pay attention to any of the important issues before they vote. 
I also found out that others were motivated by guess what?  Yeah you guessed it,
the matter of ethnic origins of the candidates or “Race”.  It didn’t matter WHAT they stood for or what platform they used to run their race from, for some that was a motiviating factor.  And still others simply vote their political party.  Right or wrong, good or bad.  No matter WHAT they stand for or their belief systems, They are diehard Democratic or Republican.  Some people didn’t even vote at all.  “Why,” you say?  Because this race simply was not interesting enough to even get envolved with.  Hmmm. 
At the poles, they also asked everyone “Are you voting Republican or Democratic?”  I told them that was not any of their business.  And why did they need to know.  That is a personal a  private decision that I have the right to make on my own.  If I decided to choose a different candidate each time based on their plateform that is my Constitutional right.  Is this what our Democratic process has come to?  Was I wrong for doing that?  Hmmm.       

So here is they question.

Should a person stand so strongly with a political party if the don’t actually believe in the phylosophy of the party or  candidate?  Do you think it is right for the board of elections to ask people  what their voting choice is before they give them a ballot? 
And lastly, what do YOU think of this up coming Presidential election?

Now, tell us what you think.


2 thoughts on “"A Day at The Poles" "It’s Your Choice. Make it Carefully"

  1. WOW! If I could I would post all over this. I totally agree about people being asleep on the issues as well as what is going on in this country. Also, I notice that people are voting according to ethnicity. It makes me SICK! I just pray for peace in my heart.If anybody had a clue they would see that it the whole Republican/ Democrat system is BOGUS. Candidates appearing to be on opposite sides are actually carrying out the very same goal. Meanwhile they are playing the sleeping and brainwashed public into believing otherwise so they can be completely distracted. While both sides take turns eliminating our constitutional rights.What I know is that this country and this world is WELL into prophesy process. If only you could imagine! If only people had a clue. Put on your seat belts folks and get ready for the ride of your life.

  2. What a great thought provoking question! There should NEVER be a question of Race in anything but the reality of the matter is, people make situation all about Race instead of the real issue at hand. As far as asking me about which party I side with is nobody's business but mine, however, for statistics sake they should just have a paper or card and do it that way instead of asking. If I have to say it out loud then other voters hear it and ya never know what could happen in the parking lot. I know that sounds crazy but that's our world now. When it comes time to vote I will vote for the person I feel will take care of our Country like it should be, our elderly like they should be, our healthcare, our borders,etc., and it doesn't matter to me which party they are!Cindy

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