"What have YOU given, today?" Part II

Good morning everyone.  I had several conversations with a lot of people last week concerning last weeks question, and I asked, out of all the views and comments I get on this site everyday, why has no one but one person put a comment down.  Amazing.  Now, I had several views of the site and several off site comments, and I came up with some some very interesting answers and observations to the question.    I asked one person if they had viewed the page?  They said yes.  I asked them why they had not left a comment?  They said, “Because I have not done ANYTHING for ANYBODY this week.  I said, “Nobody?”  They said, “No.”  And I said, “Awe come on, you had to do SOMETHING, FOR SOMEBODY.”  They said, “Nope.” and I said, “Wow.”
I just wanted you to know how that conversation went.  But, it got me to thinking, and I was really surprised.  And  I’m not so very sure that this is a pleasing thing or a good thing, that we go an entire week and not make SOME kind of an impact on SOMEBODIES life.  Even if its just 1 person, or 1 thing.  It will make our existence so much more fulfilling.  So, after talking with many people, I was asked to please run this particular question again this week.  So let’s try this again,

So, here is the question,

How can YOU help someone today? What have YOU given today? How have YOU reached out to help a fellow brother, sister, or some other needy soul today? Did you lend a hand to someone, today? What have YOU said to encourage, or lift someone up, or brighten someones day, today?  Did you rally round them, make them feel special, needed and necessary, lift up their confidence level?  Did you support or cheer on someone today?   Did you help to improve someones existance, today?  Who did you champion or defend, today?  Did you hug someone who may have REALLY needed a hug?  Not just any hug, but a meaningful, “I’m hear, I got you” hug.  Who have YOU blessed, no matter how great or small, today? Did you pay it forward today?  Maybe pay for someones groceries at the grocery store? Or put money in someones parking meter?  Or just take a few dollars out of your pocket and put it in their hand?  Did you bear anothers burden, today? Who were you strength for, today?  What did you do today, and not asked for anything in return?

Now, tell us what YOU did.


One thought on “"What have YOU given, today?" Part II

  1. I try to encourage people I come into contact with, with a smile, a hug, a word of encouragement. I pray for others and will give to those in need. I often tell others that I love them because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. I do my best to treat others the way I would like to be treated. It doesn't always happen that way, but I encourage myself in the Lord and know that he will meet all of my needs. I just want to share His love with others.

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