"What have YOU given, today?"

Hi everyone.  I want to keep it on a light note this week.  Encouragement.  Many people are going through very difficult situations and times in their lives right now.  Some are having financial difficulties.  Some are facing forclosure of their homes.  Some are having problems with their children being disrespectful and disobedient.  While others are dealing with husbands or wives or other relatives.  Some have family in nursing homes.  While others are facing emotional difficulties, feeling lonely, left out and afraid.
We may be one of the ones going through right now.  Sure, we can sit back and feel sorry for ourselves, because lets face it, we tend to be really good at that.   But it has been found that when you step outside of your own circumstances and help someone else, in any way that you can without expecting anything in return, that it always seems to strenghten you, and it will most definitely lighten your burden, encourage you, and make you feel like you can go on a little further in this life.  Like YOU really can make it.

So here is the question,

How can YOU help?  What have YOU given today? How have YOU reached out to help a fellow brother, sister, or some other needy soul today?  Did you  lend a hand to someone, today?  What have YOU said to encourage or lift someone up today?  Who did you champion or defend today?  Did you rally round them, make them feel special, needed and necessary, lift up their confidence level?  Did you support or cheer on someone today?  Did you help to improve someones existance today?  Who have YOU blessed, no matter how great or small, today? Did you pay it forward today, maybe pay for someones groceries at the grocery store?  Or put money in their parking meter?  Did you bear anothers burden, today?  Who were you strength for, today and not asked for anything in return?

Now, tell us what YOU did, today.


One thought on “"What have YOU given, today?"

  1. wow where do I start?? Well I gave two young people some extra cash. I prayed for someone who really needed it. Shared a word of wisdom to a young man trying to find his way. Encouraged a leader who was struggling with a situation of lonliness. Kissed a bunch or small children on the head and told them I loved them, ran a mile without stopping and Thank almighty God For another perfect day……..

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