Take Time Now!

So, I was watching the funeral services for the late Whitney Houston, may she rest in peace, and serveral things totally amazed me.  First, I saw more mega stars gathered together in one place, for one common purpose than I have seen gathered together for any reason, in a long time.  Albeit, it was not the best of circumstances, but the point is, that they were there.  All personal issues or disagreements put aside for that one common cause.  Then, everyone suddenly remembered their spiritual backgrounds. 
So many were quoting scripture, and some even went into a worship mode.  Wow!  And, one of the Mayors wanted to lower his flag half staff, like for the death of military personnel, fallen hero or a Presidents.  But what amazed me the most was all of the wonderful alcolades and praise that Ms. Houston recieved, and thats all fine and well, but she will never hear them.  Hundreds of people proclaimed their love, devotion and admiration for her, but she will never know.  Tears were shead by millions.  But she will never know.  Now, this may sound harsh, but why is it that it takes an event like “Death” to bring us together, and make us remember who we are, and who we came from?  And, how much greater would it be if someone cared enough to come or go, and check on those we say we love?  How great would it be if we treated people this wonderful when they are still alive?  And how much more awesome would it be if we told people everyday, how very special they are to us, or how much they mean to us, while they can still hear us?  While they can still appreciate what they hear?  Maybe, it would help them through the more difficult times in their lives if we took the time to reach out a hand and help in some kind of way.  We know the crys for help when we hear them, but many times we chose to ignore them.  But what it we told them that you do matter, and I do care.  I know what you’re going through.  I feel your pain.  I see your struggles and your private battles.  That you mean the world to me.  And my life without you would be empty.  I’ll fight for you.  I’ll stand in the gap for you.  They can’t hear you when their dead.  They can’t see the beautiful flowers then.  By them some flowers now.  They can’t hear you sing to them then.  Sing them a song now.  Even if you think its corney.  Tell them now that you appreciate them.  Take time now.  Because then, no one will hear except Jesus.

So guess what?  All of the above is the question.

Now, tell me what you think.


3 thoughts on “Take Time Now!

  1. Our calling and election must be sure in Christ alone. In psalm 91 It says He that dwelleth in the secret place shall abide under the shadow of the almighty, then he also says no evil shall befall thee.. neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. In this season we must live by the faith of Gods word. Most importantly "What does Gods word say about death and life?" Sometimes when we dont make solid decesions we trick ourselves out of our own truth given by Christ Jesus alone. I am so glad that we have the oppourtunity to know him in such a way that we can trust in his word. This world is going to need Gods truth. We are his truth and representation of holiness.

  2. Anyone that knows me knows that i dont wait for a holiday or birthday to tell those i care about that i love and appreciate them. I don't just say it with words but i show it with my actions. Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. Sharing God's love helps you feel love too.

  3. I to watched the parade of stars at the funeral and wondered where all these people were when the vastitudes of life caught up with Whitney did they reach out and she turned down their help? did they contribute to her demise and now felt guilty? or was this just the "right thing to do"? Regardless of all that I feel you should tell someone that they are important, that they do matter and most of all God does love them and Jesus died for them as much as he died for anyone. We as the body of Christ let relgion get in the way of really being the beacon of light in a dark world that we should be. You're right they cant hear the prayers, the alocades being reaped upon them, they cant smell the flowers, they cant hear the beatiful songs being sung afterward. That why funerals are for the living so, tell someone that you love them, I will stand with you, I will pick you up for church, We can pray right now for things to change, God does care, Jesus is alive and He cares for you so much…

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