Ok, we’re going to lighten things up a bit.  Since Valentine’s Day is the following week, February 14th. to be precise, we will discuss a subject that should be easily palatible (or easily to swallow).  “Relationships!”  In part I, will discuss “Friendship” relationships, and how having a friend, a true friend, is probably one of the most important and healthy things that you can do for yourself.  Why?  We will find out.
In part II we will discuss the other side of relationships, LOVE!  But first, let us define “Friendship.” 

Dictionary.com defines friendship as, The state of being a friend; harmony, accord, understanding and rapport, with another individual. 

After interviewing a young lady and young man about friendship they defined friendship as, having someone you can trust, someone you can confide in, someone you can rely on, someone you can use as a sounding board, someone who’s there, someone who has your back, someone who respects you, someone who understands you, someone who makes you laugh, someone who lifts you up when you are down, someone who has goals to achieve and come into agreement with you to achieve your goals, someone who will not lie to you but will always tell you the truth even when it hurts.  A friend will not sit back and watch you make mistakes or knowingly allow you to make mistakes, but will try to help to guide you in the right direction.  A friend is wise, real, honest and true.
Sometimes friends may have strange relationships that others may not understand.  I mean being brutally honest with each other, but they understand each other, and they get along with each other.

When I asked the young lady why she thought it was important to have a friend, she replied, “Because when you feel lost, like the whole world is against you, it’s always good to have someone to talk to, to help talk you out of things sometimes that maybe you should not be doing.  Someone to be there for you.  And if I did not have a friend, I don’t know what I would do.”

So, here is the question,

Is it possible to have a true friend, or are they all just associates?  Is it possible for a man and a woman to be close best friends?  Can you be brutally honest with your friend, and still be friends?  How did your relationship with your best friend change when THEY got into a different serious relationship?  And, lastly, give shout outs to your best friend and let them know how much they mean to you.  This can be done annonymously if you’d like.

Now, tell me what you think.


3 thoughts on “"RELATIONSHIPS"

  1. I have been truely blessed to have had several male friends in my past. I can tell you today that I reflect on the days that we would get together just to play a game of chess or go to a play or out to dinner or to a concert. I set the boundaries prior to being able to call them friend. First things First. I pay for my own stuff. There was to be no kissing, touching or inappropriate language. We would totally respect each other and our relationship. He could hug me, but only with my permission. And our hug would be a "side hug" so that our pieces and parts are not in contact with each other. We never crossed our line of friendship. The Bible says "Don't let your good be evil spoken of". This let me know that once my friend had become married or engaged to another, It was time for me to gracefully back out of the relationship so as not to become a threat to his new relationship. As the old saying goes, Two's company but three is a crowd. I believe that my sole mate will have the same attributes as my sweet friends. I know what I want and it's gonna be worth waiting for.Vonnie G.

  2. It is possible to have a true friend. I have a three true friends that are single, and even though we don't see each other often, and may not talk often, if I needed something they would be there for me and vice versa. We can be brutally honest with each other because we have trust. I've never had a close friendship with a man, but I think it's possible to be close friends if both are single. Unfortunately friendship do change when a friend gets into a serious relationship. I've lost friends to serious relationships/marriage. I still have ONE friend that's married and I'm friends with both her and her husband. We were friends in college and we are still there for each other.

  3. That's more than one question. lol Let's start with the first one first. Yes, It is possible to have a friend and not just have associates. But I think there are also degrees of friendship just as there are different types of love. However according to the definition of friendship here, it is possible. Even so, your most solid friendship should be in Jesus. You can only count on Him to be all as it is defined here.Is it possible for a woman and a man to be friends. I believe so if neither of them are married. I just don't believe that it is constructive and wise for married people to develop friendships of most sorts with the opposite sex. Married people should be too busy being a worshipper of God, husband, wife, father, mother, lover, friend, mistress, playboy, stranger, etc to their own spouses. Too busy trying to keep things going on all levels in their families. That's a hard thing to do as it is. No room for temptation, time and doing all that requires friendship, as defined above, especially to the opposite sex.BUT if you are single it's acceptable.Next question…..Yes you should be able to be brutally honest with a friend but harsh words do stir up wrath. I believe it is possible to be COMPLETELY honest and not be brutal. BUT there are times where you need to be brutal. Jesus laid the SMACK down quite a few times about the pharises. And the still didn't get it. (I'm not sure they were friends though)HMMM???I'll get to the other questions here soon.

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