Can A Wounded Heart Be Healed?

Hello everyone.  I hope your Holiday Season was as joyous and as wonderful as mine.  It truly is the season of giving, hope, love and family.  We spent time with our loved ones.   Shared old stories of days gone by.   Gifted, ate, laughed, played games and just simply enjoyed one another.  But isn’t it peculiar that although this season is the season of love, that it is also the seaon that people are the most depressed and stressed.  Anxiety and anger is totally out of control, and suicide is at it’s highest point of the whole year.  So, it may be safe to say that some did not have as great of an experience as you or  I did. 

And although this is the season of giving, hope, love and joy, this is also the season when some families are in turmoil.  Brothers fighting brothers, and sisters fighting sisters, aunts and uncles and everyone in between tend to get into arguements and altercations.  Husbands and wives are sleeping in different rooms, or not even in the same house at all.   Not that this doens’t happen at other times, but during this particular season, the problems seem to magnify themselves. 

I know a man that has not talked to his sister in over 40 years.  I also know a woman who has been feuding with her mother for over 17 years, and brothers that can’t seem to come to an agreement about anything at all right now.  And they took this season to share their problems that didn’t just now manifest, but seem to be greater in light of the closeness of the season.  There are ongoing feuds everywhere.  Now, to me, that is a shame.  Life is too short to hold anger or a grudge for so very long, for even a moment longer than necessary.  But can it be helped?  Do they even remember what it was that caused the disagreement in the first place. 

What would cause a person to be so filled with anger and hate that they would totally excommunicate themselves from family and loved ones?    What can possibly be done to heal the wounds of these broken relationships.  Has time and circumstances totally made these wounds irreparable?    Is the blood bond enough to repair wounds that seem to cut so deeply?  Is love enough to bring families and hearts back together?  Can they inadvertantly and mistakenly transfer that anger onto others?  Is there any hope at all?   Can the breach be fixed?

These are very deep and interesting questions.  Now, Tell me what you think.


7 thoughts on “Can A Wounded Heart Be Healed?

  1. Good response,I was asked this question by a friend and I totally agree. On the comment of free moral agent He was referring to his Christian values and his commentment to Christ being free from the bondage of sin according to John 8:36 which declares If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. and Galatians 5:1 which says "Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. So to use freedom as an excuse to bond again is not an option.

  2. No Jrock, it is not possible to never offend others, but it is very possible and necessary to always tell the truth. We represent God and not ourselves. The truth often hurts. In order for change to take place a person would need to get really uncomfortable. sometimes embarrassed, sometimes exposed, and sometimes punished. The Bible say's that the truth is the light. Have you ever been in a dark room and someone came in to turn on the light? That light pierced the darkness and made your eyes hurt so that you couldn't open them, but after a few minutes your eyes began to adjust to the light. As far as being a free moral individual who always tells the truth.We are not free moral agents.Sometimes we like to use that free part to explain away our irresponsible behavior. We were bought with the price Jesus's blood. "TRUTH" is a part of our creede. Revelations 21:8 says…But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers and sorcerers, and idolaters, and ALL liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone:…Always tell the truth because, Lies are punishable by fire. BE Blessed!Vonnie G.

  3. Ok Well To Put Things Simple,Everything Has To Have The Opposite Thing With It,For Example With Good Theres Always Bad,With Light Theres Always Darkness.1 Cannot Be Without The Other.So If The Heart Can Be Hurt, Broken Or Anything Painfull Or Harming Then It Can Be Treated, Taken Care Of And Healed.This Is My View On It.

  4. Sometimes when you are continually hurt by loved ones (that may or may not be saved), it is easier to not be bothered with them then to continue to subject yourself to continuous rejection and/or abuse. It is only by knowing Christ, His love, and understanding who you are in Christ, that will allow you to love those who have caused you pain, be it family or not. Love is a choice, it's an action. You have to choose…

  5. After reading this it brought tears to my eyes, it felt as if I was reading a past chapter in my life. I had so much wrong done to me that i eventually started to dig into myself and bring forth all my flaws that everyone would talk about and use that as an excuse to snap on some one or isolate myself from those around….however;recently it was told to me that the reason that I feel that way about myself and others is because I haven't been loving God with my all (everything). If you dont love God with all you have in you then you start to hate yourself and if you hate yourself then you are not able to effectively showcase the love that God placed in you….only when you love God who will never leave nor for sake you that's when your wounded heart can be healed.

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